about us

Our job here is to tell you something cool and interesting about ourselves...

So we could maybe say that if editorial, storytelling, and fine art photography met and formed a band, you'd have 2 Brides.

Or maybe we should mention how much of an honor we think it is to capture your moments and turn them into your history; how taking in your day, your love and turning it into something timeless is what has us waking up every morning, determined to get it just right.

Maybe we should share our philosophy that the chemistry is in the details; and capturing it is a craft.

Wed probably be remiss if we didn't throw out how much of an inspiration we find from our families, new music, different cultures; good food--each other.

Or just email us: info@2brides.se

But heres the best part: we don't have to really say much at all, because we've worked for over 20 years between us to make sure our work says it all.

See for yourself.

P.s. Were so glad you're here.