As a wedding photographer, I am privileged to see my couples breathtaking and touching weddings published at the number one wedding blog in the world. I am thankful to my client for having me document the day from my perspective and relating the tale of their love. This destination wedding in the south of Sweden wedding can now be seen on Style Me Pretty.
xoxo, Isabelle
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3 Things Your friends will tell you about wedding planning that aren’t true

3 Things Your friends will tell you about wedding planning that aren’t true

  1. Don’t hire a wedding planner it’s only expensive and not worth it. This is absolutely not true! Hiring a wedding planner can Actually be helpful for your budget. A wedding planner knows all the ins and outs and has so many useful connections within the industry. A wedding planner will also help you find the best deals, the best vendors for you and they can help you cut the costs.
  2. Don’t have an outdoor wedding in Sweden it will rain. While it rains sometimes during the summer in Sweden, I don’t think you should get discouraged about having an outdoor ceremony just because of the weather. If you feel that’s what you want, go for it. It might be good though to have a backup plan though and it could be such an easy thing as planning the outdoor ceremony under a large tree or a canopy. Don’t let the weather and your friends dissuade you from your dream wedding.
  3. You must have an open bar. Well is that the best way to spend the budget or no? And to have really drunk guests early in the day. I think this is one of the best ways also to cut your costs. Sure, include wine to dinner and champagne to the appetizers, but hey having an open bar is going to cost you a fortune. And is it really that important that every guest can get really drunk for free? I’d say skip the open bar but have an option to purchase drinks for those who want to.

Those are the three things your friends will tell you about wedding planning that isn’t true. Even more and better information about wedding planning, why not hire a wedding planner?  I think it’s the most beneficial thing you can do for your wedding. And of course, hire me as your photographer 😉

Happy planning, Isabelle

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Jocelyn & Ben, the bride and groom walking down the isle at their wedding at Villa eva in Ravello, Italy. Photographed by 2 Brides Photography

Jocelyn & Ben’s Blush and Copper Wedding at Villa Eva in Ravello

Shades of copper and blush and a tiny hint of sage green what’s the perfectly matched color palette for Jocelyn and Ben’s wedding at Villa Eva in Ravello, Italy. It was an intimate wedding, with just the closest family and friends that flew into Italy to celebrate together with a couple. I love photographing intimate weddings and elopements and this was no exception.

In the morning I met up with Ben as he was getting ready together with his father. Putting on the little flower on the lapel of his jacket was quite a challenge for the two. Laughing as they were trying to figure out how it was supposed to get on. After that my second shooter Sergio and I walked the very short distance between Villa Maria and Villa Eva, to where the girls were getting ready. It was a flurry of activity. The floral designer made the elaborate arrangements and staff were setting up tables. Guests started to arrive from all corners the world. Upstairs, where Jocely was having the last touches of makeup put on, calm but yet positive tension could be felt.

The wedding ceremony in the pretty little garden was very emotional. As I photographed the bride and groom exchange vows in front a backdrop of mountains and the glittering blue ocean of the Amalfi Coast, I thought to myself; wow what a perfect spot to get married on. They are so lucky, and I am so lucky to be able to capture it for them. This is really the best job in the world!

After the hugs and congratulations from everyone, we walked down to the little piazza in the middle of Ravello Town Center. We took photos as we walked, sometimes stopping for a drink, I think we went all over Ravello that evening. And then when came back to the Villa Eva we went up on the rooftop, just in time to catch the last rays of light as the sun slowly sank into the sea. Ben took Jocelyn’s hand and twirled her into a little dance and they just look so happy and in love. Everybody was waiting to see the newlyweds when we finally came down to where the dinner table was set up. The couple embraced in a first dance and the festivities then went on late into the night.

A blush and copper theme for a wedding at Villa Eva is a great fit. it compliments the natural colors of the Amalfi Coast.

Jocely & Ben’s wedding has previously been published on Destination Wedding Details. Had the pleasure to work alongside The Amalfi Experience at Villa Eva Ravello – wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast Italia. Floral arrangements were made by Francesco Di Bianco and my second photographer was Sergio Sorrentino Fotografie.



  1. Luke Hayden

    March 15th, 2018 at 10:59 am

    These are amazing! Really love your eye for detail.

  2. isabelle

    March 15th, 2018 at 11:11 am

    Thanks Luke, really appreciate your kind comment! xx

  3. Urška Majer

    March 15th, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    Such a stunning wedding!

  4. isabelle

    March 15th, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Thanks so much lovely!! 🙂

  5. craig williams

    March 31st, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Oh this is so beautiful!

  6. isabelle

    March 31st, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Thank you Craig, happy you like it!

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Who doesn’t love being out in nature right? Having your wedding outdoors enables you to enjoy the nature and why not incorporate it into your wedding theme. Here are my top 3 reasons why I love outdoor weddings.

3 Reasons Why I love Outdoor weddings and you should too

3 reasons why I love outdoor weddings, and you should, too!

  1. Less formal, An outdoor wedding is less formal than an indoor wedding at least if you’re considering having your wedding in a church or any other house of worship. However, if you wanted to be a religious ceremony you can create and style a symbolic altar.
  2. Having the wind in your hair the sun kiss your cheeks while you declare your I do’s, will forever incorporate nature into your relationship. Each and every time you’re outdoors from there on, you will remember your wedding ceremony.
  3. Making things easy for your wedding photographer or videographer. Your wedding photographer or videographer can freely move around your guests, not being in the way and at the same time get more angles to shoot from. We can also move around without making a sound, so we don’t disturb the ceremony.


Not everyone likes the idea of having an outdoor wedding and I respect that. I guess I love it because I love nature and I love the sun and the wind in the light. I love the ocean I love a beautiful garden and I love any forest with old trees.

If you are an outdoorsy couple and like a little bit of adventure I highly suggest you consider it. There are so many beautiful spots to have an outdoor wedding at,  on a beach, in a forest, on a meadow, in a courtyard, in a garden, the list is long. Only your imagination holds you back!

xoxo, Isabelle

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