When I showed up at the stunning Villa San Bonifacio, a wedding venue outside of Verona, I was met with a bunch of happy people right in the middle of decorating the outdoor patio with Italian string lights and beautiful flowers. Let me set the scene. Imagine a centuries-old Italian Villa in the Verona countryside, […]

A Wedding in Verona at 1600-Century Wedding Venue

Apr 8, 2023

This Is Why Guests need to Unplug at Your Wedding  In such a tech-engaged time, it’s hard to get people’s attention on what’s going on in front of them… unless they’re trying to capture an Instagram of it or share it on social media. When it comes to weddings, it seems like everyone is the […]

Why It’s Important For Guests To Unplug At Your Wedding

Jan 17, 2023

Perhaps it was inevitable that Villa Montanare in Tuscany would be the spot to tie the knot for Lisa and Gustav. The secluded villa is not far from Cortona and is situated on a gorgeous olive tree hill, overlooking the breathtaking landscape of Tuscany. Carefully renovated, Villa Montanare has that dreamlike quality that is rare […]

Villa Montanare And The Most Perfect Intimate Wedding in Cortona, Tuscany

Nov 21, 2022