Jan 3, 2016

Booking An Engagement Photo Session

Booking An Engagement Photo Session

Booking an Engagement Photo Session

Congrats, you’re engaged! Let’s take some pictures. This is the perfect guide on how to find the right photographer, how to use your photos, and all the little things you can do to make them absolutely fabulous. So go on and rock your engagement photos!

Finding The Right Photographer

It all comes down to your style. Research local photographers. Reach out to your social network on Facebook and Twitter for personal recommendations. Next, contact each photographer and make sure you’ve checked out their portfolio before doing that. Sit down as a couple and narrow down your top three picks based on the photo style you both like. Contact each photographer and talk about your ideas for the shoot and schedule.

How To Use Those Photos 

Engagement photos aren’t just for the lifestyle section of your local newspaper any longer. Your engagement photos will look super-sweet on your website. Use them as the backdrop for your wedding apps. Don’t forget the ‘save the dates’! Engagement photos are also great for your ‘big’ social media announcement. Awesome to share something cute and quirky to announce you said ‘yes’.

How To Look Your Best

Some sweet things to consider when it comes to the day of your photoshoot:

• Wear something that you always feel fabulous in. If you got a new outfit for the occasion, make sure you feel and look like a bombshell in it.

• Book a professional to do your hair and makeup, yup it will look better and you’ll get that Hollywood hair you’ve always dreamed of.

• For the best light outdoors, go for a shoot in the sunset. That magic light only comes around in the evening but it is so worth it.

• If you go for an indoor session, be sure to choose a place with plenty of natural light to make your photos look the best.

• Practice makes perfect, so try out a few poses together so you can nail it on the day of your shoot.

•  Relax and smile big!

Booking An Engagement Photo Session


Wanna book an engagement photo session with us? Cool! Give us a call or get in touch via our contact form that you can find here.

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