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Find the best Florence Wedding Photographer just has to be on the top of your wedding to-do list once you decide to tie the knot at the cradle of the Renaissance! Firenze aka Florence weddings just have to be some of the most romantic, enchanting and utterly irresistible celebrations of love for a bride and groom to be, and your wedding photography in this magical place is bound to be a feast of world-class art and stunning Tuscan landscapes!

Florence wedding photographer

Having photographed so many gorgeous destination weddings around major European locations, allow me to guide you through the beauty of your Florence wedding, certain to show you around the extraordinary art and architecture masterpieces waiting to transform into your wedding photography backdrop at every turn. From the urban fabric on the banks of the Arno river in northeastern Tuscany, we’ll capture your most romantic moments as husband and wife on the narrow cobbled streets and the cinematic feast of superb 15th- and 16th-century palaces, and document the beauty of your wedding in medieval candle-lit chapels, fresco-decorated churches, marble basilicas and exquisite galleries brimming with paintings and sculptures by Botticelli and Michelangelo and bring your love story the Rennaisance flair you so much covet.

Best Florence Wedding Photographer

No wonder the most fashionable weddings take place in Florence, as the entire fashion industry of Italy began in this dazzling city. With designers such as Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo, haute-couture loving brides will get inspiration aplenty in the Tuscan capital that has been the epitome of style since the 1920’s.

As your Florence wedding photographer, I will have already discussed with you even about the little delicious niches to get the perfect veil and shoes for your big day.

Or guide you through specialist bottegas that can couture your wedding dress, cater for the perfect wedding bouquet, or simply add a note of style to your wedding reception! Nothing spells wedding day better than a unique artisan scent evocative of the Florentine countryside and Tuscany’s sea breeze, so if you need more tips on your wedding perfumes, do not hesitate to ask me!

Capturing your wedding day portraits, we’ll follow a glorious tangle of medieval backstreets for some stunning bridal images and make our passage by Florence’s Duomo, the city’s most iconic landmark. This astonishing construction’s breathtaking pink, white and green marble facade will give your wedding collection the drama you covet keeping your portraits elegant and astounding at the same time!

Being a seasoned Florence wedding photographer I can’t let you go without enjoying your wedding day dolce vita standing over the Arno bridge soaked in constantly shifting milky light! In Piazzale Michelangelo, your wedding imagery will get that editorial feel with a palette of soft pinks, sweet oranges, and mellow ambers as you indulge in your go-slow afternoon wedding portraiture!

Florence destination wedding

Whether you are seeking for uncondensed wedding coverage or simply to encapsulate that passeggiata aperitivo savor with your dolce vita elopement, I am sure to provide you with the best couple photography options!

Florence wedding

As I will be capturing weddings in Italy for the entire season 2019 I will be more than happy to make your wedding dream a reality and create some wedding photography magic with you! Get in touch with me directly to discuss your Florence wedding plans or to request further information on my Florence wedding photography services. I will be happy to meet you there!

xoxo, Isabelle


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