Did you know about Gothenburg’s latest lit wedding venue, Världskulturmuseet? Imagine the first reaction from your friends and family when you announce you are getting married in a museum? Zzz, when they wake up, just tell them: Världskulturmuseet.  This hot on fleck wedding space at Världskulturmuseet, the National Museum of World Culture, is partially a […]

Världskulturmuseet: Gothenburg’s Lit Wedding Venue

Modern Scandinavian Design Wedding Venue Gothenburg

Dec 19, 2020

I first heard about Ruin Retreat a while back and couldn’t forget about it. I knew I wanted to shoot at this new site for one of my upcoming editorials. The name Ruin Retreat kept me intrigued before I even visited the place. This shoot drew ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources. […]

Ruin Retreat the refined and contemporary wedding venue in Stockholm

Ruin Retreat Micro Wedding Floral Centerpieces

Dec 16, 2018

One walk past the gates of Kronovalls Vinslott and one immediately falls for this 18th-century gem. The jaw-dropping staircase, garden and spacious rooms. First of all, Kronovall is everything a perfect aesthetics-loving bride and groom desire!   Think of a wine castle where every room is unique. Furnished with 18th and 19th-century antiques. In a […]

Kronovalls Vinslott | The Fairytale Château of Sweden

Kronovalls Vinslott Garden View

Dec 5, 2018