The Sprawling fields At Rånäs Slott My and Viktor’s day started overlooking the sprawling fields at the Rånäs Slott castle grounds. The weather was bright and warm, a day filled with quiet but fierce energy. Everything was falling in to place as intended for them. After all this time, it was finally here, and […]

Rånäs Slott A Wedding Ceremony By The Lake | My & Viktor

Rånäs Slott Black-Tie Wedding

Feb 12, 2020

Intimate weddings are on the rise. More & more often, I am finding my couples opting for smaller, more personal wedding days. It’s magical, but is it also a trend? Intimate weddings are no less grand Let me start by saying, by intimate weddings, I by no means mean less grand. Days like Ewa & […]

Ewa & Anton’s Intimate Wedding at Görvälns Slott

Intimate Wedding at Görvälns Slott

Jan 25, 2020

Shirin and Alex’s royal looking wedding in Uppsala Domkyrka is nothing but a stunner! But first, let me tell you a little bit about this couple that never runs out of things to talk about. Uppsala Cathedral in history Uppsala Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the Nordic region. The church began to be built […]

Royal Looking Wedding Uppsala Domkyrka | Shirin & Alex

Wedding Uppsala Domkyrka

Dec 5, 2019