Bergianska Trädgården is the perfect spot for Christina & Ulf’s session! If you are this much in love ten years down the line, I can only congratulate you! Cecilia and Ulf’s autumn flavored 10tenyear anniversary session at Bergianska Trädgården was so fun, Making me realize how rare love like this really is.  The Beginning Of […]

A Ten Year Anniversary Session At Bergianska | 2 Brides Photography

Bergianska Trädgården flavored 10 year anniversary session

Nov 24, 2014

Engagement Session In Fjällbacka At A Private Island Miranda and Txema’s engagement session in Fjällbacka was nothing short of amazing! The sun was setting, and we spent the late afternoon and evening at their private island. Their summer home is overlooking the beaches and cliffs.  The Fishing Village Fjällbacka  Fjällbacka is a small fishing village […]

A Sunset Engagement Session In Fjällbacka | 2 Brides Photography

Fjällbacka fotograf

Aug 25, 2014

ENGAGEMENT SESSION One of the most lovely steps of getting engaged is planning your engagement session and having your engagement photos taken! What would the two of you do together on a Sunday afternoon? Hang out with the family in you garden, eat, enjoy the weather? Well that’s exactly how Niklas and Sara planned their […]

Engagement Session | With A Family Style Picnic

Aug 7, 2014