Nov 24, 2014

A Ten Year Anniversary Session At Bergianska | 2 Brides Photography

Bergianska Trädgården is the perfect spot for Christina & Ulf’s session! If you are this much in love ten years down the line, I can only congratulate you! Cecilia and Ulf’s autumn flavored 10tenyear anniversary session at Bergianska Trädgården was so fun, Making me realize how rare love like this really is. 

The Beginning Of A Relationship

I typically shoot couples at the beginning of their relationship. You get the idea, the wedding, babies and so on. Thus it made me stop and think. How many couples ware their love on their sleeves like Cecilia and Ulf? I came back from Bergianska and kissed my husband. Like really kissing him and looking at him and thinking, My gosh, I’m lucky and still terribly in love with him. Next year we are celebrating our very own tenth anniversary. And I promised myself we are definitely getting it captured on film. Thank you, Cecilia and Ulf, for letting me share this brief moment in time with at Bergianska, you shine!

Bergianska Trädgården

The Bergianska trädgården is a gorgeous and extensive botanical garden next to the Frescati area in the north part of Stockholm. Within walking distance from the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the university. In springtime, you experience the cherry trees blossom, and the newly restored Orangerie houses a cafe and a restaurant. It is also a wedding venue. 

The Orangerie Glasshouse

The Orangerie glasshouse is remarkable, and I’d relish shooting a wedding here! As far as I know, it is one of the few glasshouses wedding venues in Stockholm. There are several greenhouses but nothing like Bergianska. The garden is also a recreational location and a source of botanical knowledge for all visitors. With a history going back to the 18th century, the garden is today owned and managed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences together with Stockholm University.

Bergianska Trädgården Autumn 10 year anniversary session Bergianska

  1. Laura says:

    These are stunning! I love the coloring in each and every one!

  2. Åh jag blir helt tagen av könslan i bilderna! Så förälskade! Supervackert Isa!

  3. Linda says:

    Superduperfina bilder!

  4. What a lovely couple – absolutely stunning shoot!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness.

    This is perfection.

    Poetry in motion, as the song goes. Really lovely! I am sure they are in love with their photos!

  6. Lena says:

    Känslan är heeeelt magisk. Sjukt snyggt par också.

  7. Sonal says:

    Ah – so very lovely! I am setting a goal that for our 5-year anniversary, we will come to Sweden and be photographed by you! 🙂

  8. isabelle says:

    Sonal, that would be an honour! I’d love to photograph your 5th anniversary

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