Nov 27, 2023

From Swipe to Stockholm: Love Story Blossoms in a Stunning Swedish Wedding

Martina and Matt’s love story is a tapestry woven with threads of adventure, laughter, and a shared love for exploration. From traversing India’s bustling streets to gliding down Austria’s snowy slopes, this dynamic duo has created a lifetime of memories together. As they eagerly anticipate their two-month escapade in South America, it’s evident that their love for travel is a cornerstone of their relationship.

Home for Martina and Matt is not just a place; it’s a hub of warmth and connection. Nestled in North London, their abode transforms into a haven for friends and family. Summer evenings in their jungle-like garden, hosting dinner parties, are moments cherished as much as their globetrotting adventures. But amidst the social whirlwind, the couple finds solace in simple pleasures—lounging on the sofa, engrossed in TV shows, or engaging in friendly backgammon battles.

The heart of their love beats not only in far-flung destinations but also in the familiar corners of their local favorites. A delightful bakery visit for weekend bread, cozy Sundays in pubs for a traditional roast, and leisurely walks in a windswept hilly park capture the essence of their everyday joy.

Martina describes Matt as the epitome of care and support, a source of constant encouragement. His ability to challenge her to step out of her comfort zone has led them to countless new experiences. Matt’s humor remains a steadfast companion through the ups and downs, turning life’s hiccups into shared laughter.

For Matt, Martina’s beauty and worldly charm were initial draws, but it’s her depth that he now cherishes most. Her infectious laughter, openness, and kindness have carved a special place in his heart. Six years in, he still finds himself amazed and grateful for the beautiful life they’ve built together.

Their journey began with a chance encounter on the dating app Hinge—a virtual spark that ignited a connection leading to shared coffee dates and, eventually, a lifetime commitment. The proposal, a blend of sentiment and humor, unfolded on the anniversary of their first date, with a necklace as a down payment on an engagement ring hidden under macaroons.

Swedish undertones were woven through the celebration at their wedding in Stockholm, Martina’s hometown. The venues exude grandeur, reflecting their desire for an elegant yet joyous atmosphere. The color palette of white, gold, pink, apricot, and light blue evokes a summery vibe, a perfect backdrop for the union of two souls deeply in love.

Their vision for the wedding photography aesthetic was the desire to capture the grandeur of their venues and the intimate moments shared with loved ones. Elegant, joyous, and vibrant, these words guided the aesthetic and were reflected in Martina’s curated Pinterest boards. Their Swedish wedding had all of that and more.

The bridesmaids, a cherished group from Harvard and high school days, symbolize the deep bonds Martina holds. Their presence at the wedding and the upcoming bachelorette party in London is a testament to enduring friendships that have weathered time and distance. The thread of friendship extends to Matt’s best man, Rhys, a companion from his university days. His thoughtfulness, easygoing nature, and unwavering support make him a pillar in Matt’s life.

As they celebrated this momentous occasion, Martina and Matt emphasized the importance of having photographs that captured not just the grand scenes but also the intimate details—the getting ready moments, the walk down the aisle, toasts and speeches, the first dance, and genuine, authentic documentary images of their families.

In the midst of the joy and excitement, Martina and Matt recognized the significance of their guests, each playing a unique role in their lives. Their journey together, symbolized by intertwined lives, is an opportunity to unite their nearest and dearest from around the globe.

As they embark on this new chapter, Martina and Matt’s love story is a testament to the power of shared laughter, enduring friendships, and a love that transcends continents. Their wedding celebrated their journey that started with a swipe and blossomed into a stunning Swedish wedding and a lifetime of adventures and shared dreams.


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Event Manager: Skeppholmsgruppen

Ceremony Venue: Hedvig Eleonora

Reception Venue: Eric Ericsson Hallen

Caterer: Lustholmens Catering

Florist: Bloem

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