Nov 21, 2022

Villa Montanare And The Most Perfect Intimate Wedding in Cortona, Tuscany

Perhaps it was inevitable that Villa Montanare in Tuscany would be the spot to tie the knot for Lisa and Gustav.

The secluded villa is not far from Cortona and is situated on a gorgeous olive tree hill, overlooking the breathtaking landscape of Tuscany. Carefully renovated, Villa Montanare has that dreamlike quality that is rare to find.

When Gustav popped the question, Lisa and Gustav had been together for almost six years. After a trip to Bali, about to move in together, they visited the new apartment. When Lisa entered the hallway, she saw a huge bouquet of roses. At first, she didn’t understand, but when Gustav asked her to read the card tucked into the blooms, she knew. He dropped to one knee and asked her. She, of course, said yes!! What a great start to the new chapter of their life, moving in together AND getting hitched!

They are a couple who enjoy the simple things in life as long as they can do them together. That’s the first thing they told me. Going grocery shopping on Sundays and watching a cozy movie paired with delicious food is a favorite recurring thing. They early discovered their love for traveling and exploring countries far away, but a drive down the Swedish west coast is alright too.

They opted for an intimate celebration at the picturesque centuries-old Villa Montanare in Cortona, with only their closest family members and one friend each. The goal was to have the wedding feel as real and amazing as a big wedding, with everyone dressed up but yet like a big family dinner. The thought of just enjoying time with their loved ones, to sit and chat with them, was all they ever wanted.

And that’s exactly what they did! From getting ready in one of the lush suites at Villa Montanare to soaking up the rays of sun by the gorgeous poolside to the highlight of their celebration. Lisa and Gustav’s absolute tear-jerking wedding ceremony in the setting sun behind the villa.


Here is their love story in their own words, the sweetest testimony to young love that lasts.

From the bride: The best thing about Gustav isn’t even all of his great qualities, like the fact that he is a hard worker or that he’s honest and reliable to everyone he encounters. The kind of guy anyone, would be lucky to have in their life, always ready to help. My favorite part about Gustav is the person he is with me. He is the best partner! Gustav is such a special person. He is very cozy when we’re together in how he acts around me and treats me. We even have our own way of talking. We laugh a lot, and I love our life together, and I love Gustav for being that person for me. He is excellent at listening to my opinions and suggestions; even if he can be skeptical at first, he always tells me if he finds my idea better than he first thought, no matter if it is about a movie he didn’t want to watch, clothes he didn’t want to wear or anything else. He is open to changing his opinion, and I adore that about him. I wish I was better at that!!

From the groom: I love everything about Lisa, and I love that she is very natural and relaxed, and we have such a great life together; I think about that every day. She has an entertaining and lovely personality, and I love being around her. I look forward to getting home from work to be with her every day. She also cooks amazing food, and her humor is so witty. We simply complete each other.

We met at the bus-stop waiting for the bus to our schools, same city, different schools. We were only 14 years old at the time, and after two to three months of getting to know each other, I, Lisa, was having butterflies in my stomach every morning because Gustav was so cute and handsome; I got so nervous around him! Gustav took a chance and asked Lisa if she liked him over one of our skype chats. Of course, the answer was yes, so our story officially starts there on a cold day in November. It is the first and only relationship for both of us, and we were pretty shy initially, but after getting to know one another, we fell in love.

But all of this could not have happened without a stellar team of wedding professionals.

Thank big thank you to all of them for being so amazing to work with:

Venue @villa_montanare

Photographer @2brides

Planning, Design & Styling @weddings_by_silke

Catering @osteriailpino

Floral design @fineartflowers_tuscany

Ceremonial @tuscan_wedding_officiant

HMUA @makeupartistyana

Dress @brollopsbruket_sverige and @ivoryandgrace

Rings @vanbruun

Invitations & menus: @biancoblancpaperie

Shoes @bellabelleshoes

Ring box @mrsbox

Film lab @carmencitafilmlab


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