Mar 2, 2022

How To Plan an Elegant Destination Wedding in Tuscany

If you’re going for an elegant experience in the heart of Italy, a destination wedding in Tuscany is definitely for you! Every couple wants to turn their special day into an unforgettable celebration – an iconic moment of a lifetime. With this, getting married in another country has become a trend for those inspired to turn their special day into an extraordinary experience. I mean, why the heck not?

Imagine tying the knot in an old historic villa with incredible views as warm air, hospitable people, and the best Italian culture and cuisine surrounding you. And I’m talking epic pizzas!! It is no surprise that with so many good things that Tuscany can offer, this area has become a famous union spot for couples who want to have their wedding in Italy.

If you seek elegance, natural beauty, and authentic Italian experience, one of the best locations in Italy that I highly recommend is the Terre Di Nano wedding venue. I had the honor of photographing a sophisticated celebration of love in this venue situated next to the lovely Medieval town of Monticchiello, close to Gladiator’s Road. The view you can enjoy in this venue will leave you speechless. It is indeed a perfect place for you to exchange vows.


Your big day in Tuscany will require vigorous planning, like in every wedding. From choosing the perfect spot to have gorgeous portraits in the Terre Di Nano venue to organizing a drive along Gladiator’s Road and exploring Monticchiello, expect a lot of decision-making during your entire stay in this beautiful city. It may sound daunting, but applying these tips in planning your special day will make it a bliss for you!


1. Choose your preferred wedding date

Besides choosing a date that has more meaning to you as a couple, you should also consider the weather and the availability of your desired location. Tuscany is a sunny place all year round, although it can be too hot during the summer. The temperature can reach around 26C to 32C during the high season from April to October, especially during summer. Such weather can be uncomfortable for those who want an outdoor wedding with a breathtaking view. Considering the weather, the best month for a great outdoor wedding is usually May, June, and September. During those times, you can enjoy a unique, elegant country-style reception in the Terre Di Nano venue without the worry of being rained out or melting under the heat of the sun.

2. Visit in advance

Maybe you’ve visited Tuscany before, but many things can change from time to time, which can somehow affect your big day. It is recommended to visit beforehand to avoid any unprecedented events. Being physically present is also an excellent opportunity for you to meet up with your suppliers and discuss all the wedding details in person. Ideally, during the wedding trip itself, arriving a few days in advance will give you enough time to adjust to your environment for you to be truly comfortable on your actual day. You can also give yourself enough time to process any paperwork needed, finalize certain details with your suppliers, or even plan a little pre-wedding shoot in the Terre Di Nano venue.

3. Prioritize your wedding outfits

The most significant factors are your personal preferences and location when choosing your wedding outfits. What you’ll wear should reflect your personality and be comfortable enough for your desired location on your special day. In having one, you have two options for this: have your bridal dress and tuxedo prepared in Tuscany or have it safely travel with you. Both can have pros and cons. The first one would save you the hassle of traveling with your outfits as additional baggage but has the possibility of them not fitting the way you want to on your wedding, and the latter one does precisely the opposite. However, to ensure that your outfits stay safely with you when traveling for your luxury destination wedding in Tuscany, you can do the following:

  • Guarantee an overhead bin where you can put your dress and tuxedo in by purchasing a first-class ticket.
  • Purchase a priority boarding to get a chance to get an overhead bin first.
  • Have your outfits safely beside you by buying a plane ticket for them.

4. Know the legalities

Anyone can get married in Italy – regardless of whether it is anywhere in Tuscany or Monticchiello, as long as the Italian government officially registered it as a wedding location, just like the Terre Di Nano wedding venue; you are free to celebrate your union of love legally. While Italy is a Catholic country, it recognizes all religious weddings. Although, they will have to hold a civil ceremony first to make it legal. For a Catholic ceremony, at least one member of the couple must be Catholic. However, if you want to avoid the administrative hassle, I would recommend hosting your civil ceremony in your home country and then holding a symbolic one in Tuscany.

If you wish to legally bind your marriage in Tuscany, don’t forget to provide legal documentation to validate your identity and, just as at home, prove that there are no obstacles that prevent you from having a wedding in Italy. Also, you will need to provide the following documents to get married legally in Tuscany:

  • Valid passports
  • Birth certificates
  • If applicable, divorce papers or death certificates
  • Sworn certificates of no impediment from the country of origin
  • An Atto Notorio, an additional requirement for Canadian or US citizens to confirm lack of legal impediments
  • An intent to marry forwarded to the civil registrar
  • Additional documents such as a baptism certificate, confirmation, and more will be required for church weddings. Ask your local parish to learn more about this.


5. Choose the perfect Tuscany Wedding Venue

You probably imagined yourself having a destination wedding in Tuscany a hundred times now. Depending on what you want, you can choose to have a private oasis in a country estate surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, rolling Tuscan hills with a luxurious ambiance that provides a relaxing feeling at Terre Di Nano.

At the Terre Di Nano wedding venue, you can celebrate in a historic mansion to experience how elegant Tuscan life is with its olive garden, authentic traditions, family warmth, and romantic views. It is easy to fall in love with the idea of getting married under hundreds of tiny lights in one of their gardens. A great bonus when you choose this place is having the assistance of Giorgio and Ilaria in planning your day. Both are renowned for their professionalism and vast experience.

I enjoyed capturing an incredible destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy that was indeed an ode to modern romance. With an outdoor fete with a whimsical touch, it featured a gorgeous color palette that completely enchanted the senses of everyone present. My amazing couple, Zosia and Sebastian, went to great lengths to make their loved ones comfortable by providing parasols for the ceremony, ensuring they felt pleasant as they witnessed the exchange of vows. They tailored a day that fully reflected their personalities with breathtaking florals, lots of champagne and extremely well-made cocktails, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere; they tailored a day that fully reflected their personalities! Not to mention every little detail was excellent, elevating the guest experience. I admit, I fell in love with their red vintage getaway car, which perfectly contrasted the gorgeous Tuscan landscapes!

wedding ceremony with large floral arch overlooking the Tuscany landscape

You must see Zosia and Sebastian’s entire celebration, it will blow your marbles. Fair warning though, you’ll probably want to have a destination wedding in Tuscany and nothing else will compare once you’ve made up your mind. Stay tuned for the full feature of their wedding weekend!


It is also highly suggested to get an English-speaking wedding photographer like me for your luxurious destination wedding in Tuscany. Not only will you have someone to create a fantastic way to capture your special day, but it will be easier for you to communicate what you want with me. Get in touch via the contact page for us to plan right away!  


And as an added bonus, I already did the vetting for you! Here are the ultra-awesome wedding professionals who made all of this happen. Book them and thank me later!

Wedding Planner: Unique Events in Tuscany

Venue: Terre di Nano,

Floral design & decor: Flowers Living

Entertainment: Fix The Music

Officiant: Tuscan Pledges

Bar & Cocktails: Salotto Negroni 1919

Classic Vintage Car Rentals: Slowhills

Invites: Nicnillas Ink

DJ: Andrea Ribas 

Film processing: Malvarrosa Film Lab


Oh, and you definitely want to see this destination wedding in Italy too! Be prepared for epic views!

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