Apr 8, 2023

A Wedding in Verona at 1600-Century Wedding Venue

When I showed up at the stunning Villa San Bonifacio, a wedding venue outside of Verona, I was met with a bunch of happy people right in the middle of decorating the outdoor patio with Italian string lights and beautiful flowers.

Let me set the scene.

Imagine a centuries-old Italian Villa in the Verona countryside, tall cypress trees, a gorgeous pool area, and the most beautiful view over the Valpolicella wine valley. Yep, that’s right, It’s genuinely like something straight out of a movie.

But it’s no secret that I absolutely adore photographing intimate destination weddings. There’s something so special about being invited to participate in such a milestone event. When Christy first contacted me about the possibility of me photographing their upcoming wedding outside of little now, I couldn’t be more excited. Christy and Cole crafted the most heartfelt and special day and brought their closest family and friends with them.

You have to see their Super8 wedding film at the bottom of the page, you seriously do not want to miss it, promise!

But planning a wedding, especially overseas, can be daunting for any couple, with so many decisions to make about the guest list, venue, and other details. As a couple, you want to create a wedding day that is special and meaningful for both you and your guests.

Couples like Christi and Cole, who have opted for an intimate wedding, have shared that it was one of their best decisions. They felt a more profound sense of connection with each other and their guests and were able to create a unique and personalized experience. By keeping the guest list small, they got more time with their guests, could engage in meaningful conversations, and create an intimate and authentic atmosphere. An intimate wedding also allowed them to personalize the details and create a memorable experience that reflected their personalities.

Having an intimate wedding has several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to create a more personalized and meaningful experience that reflects your personality and style. Secondly, it creates an intimate and authentic atmosphere, as you can choose a venue that suits your preferences and focus on creating meaningful moments with your loved ones. Thirdly, it provides you with more time to spend with your guests and to truly appreciate the love and support they offer you.

An intimate wedding can offer many benefits, from creating a unique and personalized experience to providing an opportunity to truly spend time with your loved ones. If you want to create a wedding day that truly reflects who you are as a couple, consider an intimate wedding and experience a day filled with love, intimacy, and cherished memories that will last long after the wedding day ends.

Villa San Bonifacio
Via Chiesa, N°10, 37029 San Pietro In Cariano Verona, Italy

A Wedding at A 1600 Century Verona Wedding Venue with a Private Pool & Garden

Imagine standing in the lush gardens of Villa San Bonifacio, surrounded by rolling hills and sprawling vineyards as far as the eye can see. The sun is setting behind the ancient city of Verona, casting a warm glow over the ceremony area decorated with blooms upon blooms. You are surrounded by your closest friends and family, all gathered to celebrate your love and commitment.

The villa is a stunning piece of Italian architecture, with graceful arches and a beautiful terrace overlooking the gardens. Villa San Bonifacio’s interior is just as breathtaking, with high ceilings and elegant details that transport you back to the old world of luxury and refinement.

As you exchange vows in the magic glow under the Italian sun, you feel a sense of magic and romance that only Italy can provide. The beauty of your surroundings is the perfect backdrop for your wedding day, and the villa’s secluded location guarantees you and your guests will have complete privacy to celebrate.

After the ceremony, you and your loved ones can enjoy a sumptuous reception in Villa San Bonifacio’s gardens with a leisurely al fresco dinner. As the night wears on, you dance the night away underneath the stars on the terrace.

With its stunning setting, Villa San Bonifacio is the perfect spot for brides looking for a Verona wedding venue in the Valpolicella area of Italy. It’s a place where memories are made, love is celebrated, and a place that will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who are lucky enough to experience it.

A 20-Guests Spectacular Destination Wedding

Christi and Cole traveled a long way to finally arrive at Villa San Bonifacio for their spectacular destination wedding. It was a flawless 20-guest affair with their closest family and friends. With a handful of experienced wedding professionals’ help, the day came together seamlessly and stress-free.

Not only was the day extremely relaxed and fun but was so much a family affair. When I first arrived, the boys were hanging up Italian strings lights on the terrace, and family members were helping out with decor.

As the bride got pampered in one of the many suites I was styling and photographing all the gorgeous details Christi meticulously gathered. Perfectly matching the invites with the flowers to the hand-picked custom ring box. But the strongest memory I have from this wedding day is not all the pretty; it is the love and compassion Christi and Cole shared, welcoming me like a friend and letting me document their day. Perhaps that is why I’m so invested in this wedding and want to share it with the world; I truly believe that sharing is caring so please join me for this utterly amazing wedding. But fair warning, you’ll want to get married at Villa Sanbonifacio after seeing it!

What the couple said about me:
“THANK YOU, for being so so incredible throughout our day and this entire process in general!! We absolutely loved having you and everyone couldn’t stop talking about how sweet and fun you were to be around!”

Read more about the villa and Veneto with all its awesome culture below!

A photos of Villa San Bonifacio from the front. Villa Sanbonifacio garden view with statuesVilla Sanbonifacio garden with statues


Check out Christi and Cole’s Super8 Wedding film, it’s for all you nostalgics out there, me included!

Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet

Verona is located in the heart of Italy and is easy to reach from other major cities, such as Milan, Venice, and Florence. This makes it an ideal location for a destination wedding, as it is convenient for both you and your guests to travel to. Verona is truly easy to get to, as it is located in the north of Italy and is well-connected by air, rail, and road. There are direct flights to Verona from many major European cities. The city is also accessible by train from other parts of Italy and Europe.

Verona is a beautiful and romantic city. Its stunning architecture, rich cultural heritage, beautiful gardens and parks, excellent wine and food, and proximity to other major cities make it an extraordinary location for your destination wedding. Known as a city of art and culture, Verona is home to many museums, art galleries, and theaters, as well as numerous festivals and cultural events throughout the year. The city is known for its opera, and the annual Verona Opera Festival attracts visitors from around the world.

For someone interested in history, art, and culture, the Veneto area, and Verona especially, is a must-visit when in Italy. Also cherished for its charming atmosphere, making it a natural choice for a destination wedding. Additionally, the Veneto region is known for its incredible food and wine, which could be another factor that it’s a top pick for destination brides.

Visit the Roman amphitheater, the Arena di Verona, dating back to the Roman Empire, now used for operas and concerts. Other famous landmarks include the Castelvecchio, a medieval castle, and the Verona Cathedral, a beautiful Romanesque church.

Additionally, Verona is home to several beautiful gardens and parks. The Giardino Giusti, for example, is a Renaissance-era garden with terraces, fountains, and sculptures that provide a stunning setting for honeymoon photos.


About the villa & Valpolicella Region
Villa Sanbonifacio is a beautiful 1600-century Verona wedding venue in the Valpolicella area in Italy, known for its romantic and unique setting. It is set in the rolling hills of the Valpolicella region and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The villa is surrounded by a large park with a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a garden with statues, making it the perfect location for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

The villa itself is a beautifully restored mansion with elegant architecture and antique furnishings. It features a grand hall, several salons, and a number of guest rooms, making it a perfect choice for a destination wedding. Villa San Bonifacio can accommodate micro weddings as well as larger ones.

The 1600-century wedding venue Villa San Bonifacio is romantic and unique and a fabulous option for any bride planning her destination wedding in Verona, Italy. Its stunning setting, beautiful architecture, and top-quality amenities make it a top choice for couples looking to celebrate their special day in style.

Quick Facts About the 1600-century Verona wedding venue:
You can rent the entire Villa Sanbonifacio
10 bedrooms
8 bathrooms
Sleeps up to 26
Private pool
20-minute drive to Verona (VRN-Valerio Catullo) Airport

This is a beautiful estate well-suited for an intimate destination wedding. Experience the magic atmosphere of celebrating your wedding weekends in a historic mansion with gorgeous gardens and vineyards. Its proximity to Verona is an excellent opportunity to view the Opera, Juliet’s house, or visit the Verona Exhibitions.

Villa San Bonifacio is a hidden gem located only 15 minutes drive from Verona, a 20-minute drive from Verona Internationa Airport Valerio Catullo, and about 25 minutes drive from Lake Garda. Additionally, it is nearby three large golf courses, Sommacampagna, Marciaga, and Peschiera.


Making this wedding come together beautifully:

CorCortez Flower & BrindApino



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