Mar 21, 2024

Micro Destination Wedding at The Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily.

Planning a destination wedding is an exciting journey, especially when set against the stunning backdrop of Taormina, Sicily. Krisela and Jason turned their wedding plans into reality at The Grand Hotel Timeo, a 5-star resort steeped in old-world glamour, style, and impeccable service.

A couple sharing a kiss by a pool overlooking the sea at Baya Bella Luxury Villa in Taormina, Sicily.

A Love Story Fueled by Shared Adventures

Krisela and Jason’s love story is a beautiful reminder of the power of shared interests and deep connections. They first met on social media in January 2021 and quickly discovered their mutual passions for cooking, music, and traveling. As they went on surprise dates, engaged in heartfelt conversations, and shared many moments of laughter, their bond grew stronger by the day. They enjoyed simple pleasures like exploring new cuisines, discovering far-off places, and slow dancing in their kitchen. Their story inspires us all to cherish the little things in life and always remain open to new connections.


The Proposal

Jason’s proposal to Krisela was nothing short of magical. During a getaway to Daylesford, Australia, surrounded by the beauty of nature, Jason got down on one knee and asked Krisela to be his forever. With tears of joy and overwhelming happiness, Krisela said yes, marking the beginning of their journey toward marriage.

(direct upload) A colorful Mediterranean-style building adorned with a lush garden and stone steps.

Discovering Taormina’s Golden Spots: The Grand Hotel Timeo

For Krisela and Jason, Taormina held a special place in their hearts, as it was the perfect destination for their wedding day. Snuggled amidst the stunning coastline and vibrant bougainvillea, The Grand Hotel Timeo offered a blend of luxury and charm that was hard to resist.

The Grand Hotel Timeo was an ideal venue for a stylish and unforgettable celebration, with breathtaking views and tasteful ambiance. Krisela and Jason had an intimate ceremony officiated by the bride’s father on one of the hotel’s terraces. The relaxed cocktail hour featured local delicacies and classic cocktails like the Bellini, a must while in Sicily.

As the heat gradually subsided, everyone gathered for a lavish reception dinner. The sun slowly setting behind the mountains created a stunning view that was etched forever in the minds and hearts of all their guests.


Bride and groom sharing a kiss on a historic staircase at the piazza in Taormina, Sicily.


Choosing their wedding photographer 

Krisela and Jason had a clear vision of their wedding day. They wanted modern, editorial, and polished photography that reflected their style and personality. They were inspired by the chic aesthetic of Vogue and the vibrant energy of Italian weddings. Entrusting 2 Brides Photography to immortalize each moment with their impeccable attention to detail, Krisela and Jason knew their photographs would surpass all expectations.

A couple standing on a seaside promenade with a sailboat in the background, overlooking the ocean at Baya Bella Taormina luxury villa.


Bay Bella Luxury Villa Taormina

As a photographer, I have had the pleasure of capturing many beautiful moments in my career. But there was something truly special about the day we spent together at the Baya Bella luxury villa in Taormina. The stunning Sicilian sun, the dramatic landscape, and the lively atmosphere all came together to make a day I will never forget.

The bride and groom welcomed their friends and family to the villa for a laid-back poolside BBQ before their big day. It was a day of cheerful relaxation, with laughter and anticipation filling the air. The guests mingled and enjoyed the stunning surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea while indulging in the flavors of Italy.

As the photographer, I couldn’t help but capture the guests’ reactions as they tasted the grilled delicacies. The aroma of the food was irresistible, and it was evident from their faces that they were thoroughly enjoying the flavors.

The villa’s sparkling pool was a popular spot, offering a refreshing respite from the warm afternoon sun. As the day progressed, loved ones toasted to the happiness of the soon-to-be newlyweds, sharing stories and making memories against the backdrop of Sicily’s beauty as I captured candid shots of them mingling, laughing, and simply enjoying each other’s company.

The evening drew near, and the anticipation for the wedding day ahead grew. But for that moment, time slowed down as we all savored the joy and connection of the day. As a photographer, it was so much fun to document those moments and craft solid memories for my couple.

Celebrating Love, Friendship, and Family

Krisela and Jason’s wedding was centered around their beloved family and closest friends, who had been a constant source of strength, love, and support. On their wedding day, they celebrated their strong bonds with their loved ones, including Krisela’s sister, her closest confidante and partner in crime, and Jason’s brother, Jamie.

The newlyweds began a new chapter in their lives together, filled with excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead. They looked forward to exploring new destinations and building a home filled with love and laughter, knowing that their bond would grow stronger with time. Here’s to two souls destined to spend a lifetime creating memories and sharing adventures.


A newlywed couple holding hands while walking down the aisle amidst applauding guests after a micro wedding ceremony at the Grand Hotel Timeo in Sicily.


Grand Hotel Timeo Wedding, in Taormina, Sicily

Their wedding at The Grand Hotel Timeo in Sicily was just the beginning of a beautiful love story that continued to unfold.

If you are exploring options for a Sicily wedding photographer to document your wedding, consider 2 Brides Photography for crafting those editorial and emotionally charged candid images that will be just as meaningful the day after your wedding as they will be 50 years from now.

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An elegantly set outdoor dining table with white chairs under twinkly lights, at the Grand Hotel Timeo Terazzo in Sicily.

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