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A Breathtakingly Beautiful Elopement In Ravello, Italy

Ravello Elopement at Belmond CarusoHow It Happened

Anna & Rich first met over seven years ago at a hotel bar in Boston. The night was coming to an end when Rich turned around, and this girl caught his eye. Since then, he always tells her, at that moment, he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Rich asked if he could buy her a drink, and they spoke for only a few moments. In no time, her friend was pulling her away. Rich pulled out his old Blackberry, and at the last minute, he asked for Anna’s number…the rest is history.

The Vows & The Elopement

The most important part of the wedding day for Anna was the vows. Rich somehow found all the right words to say that day. She could not get over how genuine and from the heart Rich’s vows were. She asked him to recite them to her every day for the rest of the trip. The best part was listening to them with the violinists playing the Titanic theme song in the background. Who doesn’t love that movie?


When Anna & Rich finally made the decision to elope, planning became fun they felt. They were able to splurge a little, given it was just the two of them. “We secured their favorite vendors, including our amazing photographer and the magical Belmond Hotel Caruso, for our venue”. Anna & Rich made their elopement a trip, as they spent ten wonderful days traveling in Italy. “It will always be the most amazing time of our lives,” they said, and I believe them.

Go your own way

The saying “you can’t make everyone happy” gets used a lot and couples need to remember those words when planning a wedding. It is important to understand the wedding is about them. If you try to please everyone, you will end up making things very difficult for yourselves. Eloping can be the right choice for you. And if you do decide to elope, remember that it is okay even if someone gets a bit upset. At the end of the day, it is your decision to make.
So go with what you want. Remember the real reason and meaning behind the day. That is a celebration of your relationship and commitment to one another. No matter how we choose to do it. Big or small. And an elopement is a wedding too, on your own terms. We all get carried away with worrying about having the perfect day. Trying to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, can become overwhelming. Figure out whats the most important thing to you as a couple and go with it. Eloping might be the perfect thing for you!

Elopement Planning

Are you thinking about eloping? Need advice on where to start? I’d love to help you plan your elopement! Shoot me an email and tell me what you’ve got so far and what you need help with and I’ll get right back to you!
Thank you, Anna and Rich, for having me photograph your unforgettable elopement in Ravello. I’ll never forget this beautiful day!
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Check out Anna & Rich’s amazing venue in Ravello, Belmond Hotel Caruso.

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