Jan 25, 2020

Ewa & Anton’s Intimate Wedding at Görvälns Slott

Intimate weddings are on the rise. More & more often, I am finding my couples opting for smaller, more personal wedding days. It’s magical, but is it also a trend?
wedding reception table at intimate wedding decorated in white and dusty pink with many candles

Intimate weddings are no less grand

Let me start by saying, by intimate weddings, I by no means mean less grand. Days like Ewa & Anton’s are the perfect example of a well planned intimate wedding. Yes, they had a smaller guest list, but it didn’t mean they didn’t have gorgeous details. In fact, intimate weddings can often be a little extra luxurious due to less of a couple’s budget going towards food & alcohol for a plethora of guests. Ewa & Anton had so many gorgeous, memorable details to prove that!
Intimate weddings offer a unique experience for both the couple and their guests. There is an opportunity for them to spend more dedicated time socializing with each guest because there are fewer people to steal away your attention. Guests love this, and it makes them feel special!

Soak in the time with guests

As a bride & groom, it means you can soak in time with your loved ones without feeling the pressure to say hi to 300+ people. For Anton & Ewa, one of their favorite moments was the intimate dinner they had at one table with their guests. It was perfect for them!
Of course, on the other hand, some people love larger weddings because they want to see everyone they can on their wedding day, even if it means for only a moment. Some people also don’t want to damage the feelings of others. That’s not a fit for everyone these days.
Intimate Wedding at Görvälns Slott Intimate Wedding at Görvälns Slott Intimate Wedding at Görvälns Slott Intimate Wedding at Görvälns Slott

Other perks of intimate weddings

Another perk of intimate weddings is the chance to travel. Most couples opting for a larger wedding tend to have to stay local. This is mainly to make sure most of their guests can make it. For smaller weddings, that doesn’t tend to be such a big issue. You can invite your closest loved ones you know would be willing to travel. This makes destination weddings much easier!
My thought is that intimate weddings are not a trend, but rather a movement. It’s a choice to put your time, money, and attention on the details and people that matter most on your wedding day. So, if you’re considering trimming down your guest list, don’t be afraid to! Your wedding day is what you choose to make it!
xoxo, Isabelle
Wedding planner for this wedding was Fanny Staaf Events & the wedding was held at Görvälns Slott.
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