Feb 7, 2020

29 Key Tips for Planning Your Wedding Like an Event Pro

Here Are My 29 Key Tips for Planning A Wedding like an Event Pro

If you’re reading this blog, I would like to assume that you are very interested in weddings. Who can blame you? A wedding is a magical event that is so full of love, promise, and many other beautiful feelings. It is so magic that it is the stuff of our dreams to have our weddings as perfect as can be. But how realistic is that?

If you’re looking into wedding planning, either for yourself or for others, you for sure have a lot of questions. After all, weddings can be challenging to plan! The most common first question these days is, “Can you plan a wedding without a wedding planner?” The answer is yes. It can be challenging, but it is possible to get your dream wedding. All it takes is the mind and skill set of the capable, creative, beautiful person that is you!

So how do you achieve a flawless wedding? What is the first thing you do when you start planning the wedding? What should you not forget when organizing the nuptials? Easy there, my dear! I have prepared the following 25 essential tips to solve your wedding dilemma, so keep on reading!

1. Involve your significant other

A wedding is not possible without the to-be-married couple, and a couple consists of two people. A couple who love each other and intend to spend forever together. And what better way to start than planning your wedding together? It’s YOUR day after all, and it’s his/her day, too – you both get to have a say.

2. Postpone honeymoon planning

Many couples do not immediately embark on their honeymoon after the wedding. After all, wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. Especially if you’ve decided not to hire a wedding planner. Hence, you might like to consider postponing the honeymoon planning for later.

3. Establish your wedding budget 

A budget is one of the first things you need to set for your wedding. You need to, and it describes your all-inclusive funds and how much you are willing to spend. Many couples will discover that their initial budget won’t be enough. But fret not, you can always customize it at a later stage. This is another reason why you should start planning early. At least one year in advance. There are so many little details for your big day you have to consider. Picking the most recommended vendors. Surrounding yourself with a team of professionals will optimize the experience for you and your guests. Treat yourself with the luxury of having the most exquisite wedding possible!

4. Set your wedding priorities straight

Sit down with your partner and talk about how you want the wedding to feel like. And what details you want to prioritize. Do you want to pay special attention to the food and drinks? To the décor? The scenery? Do you want an exceptional live band? Establishing your preferences can help you manage your time better to avoid forgetting anything. To plan your wedding priorities like a pro, you need to be on the same page as your partner. However, some parts might be more important to you than others, so compromising is always good. As long as it doesn’t affect the final vibe of the celebration.

5. Define your style

Organic and luxurious? Classic with a black-tie? What’s the ideal style for you and your wedding? You can search for ideas, but choose what’s genuinely you to ensure you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s about you two and your relationship, darling! The venue you pick will set the frame for the entire event, so I suggest you start with that.

define your wedding style

6. Decide which traditions to keep

Weddings have been happening since long in the past. So there are a gazillion wedding traditions out there. Don’t be pressured; only choose what you think will be meaningful to your big day. I have seen couples light candles, read poems, perform sand rituals. If you have unique traditions that hold meaning for you, include them in your ceremony. You can tweak them to fit your relationship.

7. Envision the season

Flowers springing forth? Rich green landscapes? Colorful autumn leaves? Or a gentle snowfall? Which is your wedding season? Do you have a particular date in mind? This is important for your booking and reservations, which must be done a year or more early. If you plan your wedding like a pro, you research all the season before concluding what’s the best fit for you.

8. Spring

Spring celebrations are so fresh! This is the season for the bloom enthusiast. Gardens blossom, and the cherry trees show off all the pink petals. Tourist season hasn’t started yet, so most places aren’t crowded. The evenings can be chilly still. So you might want to have the ceremony outdoors but the reception dinner inside.

9. Summer

Summer weddings are classic and beautiful. This is the most popular season for weddings. That’s why you need to make your reservations with all your suppliers early. I book up the most popular summer date for up to two years in advance. If your date is already taken, consider having your wedding on a weekday or even on a Friday. Chances are the availability will be much better. You might also get a discount. I have weekday discounts on my wedding photography packages! The good thing about summer weddings is that it is warm outside. So you can confidently plan a full wedding day out in nature.

10. Fall

Fall weddings are fabulous! Most tourists have returned home, and the streets aren’t quite as flooded. Air is fresh, but the temperature is still lovely. The fall is the most popular season for destination weddings in South Europe. I shoot weddings during September and October out of Italy. And you can see a couple of fall weddings from Positano and Amalfi on my blog.

11. Winter 

Choosing a winter wedding will give you a couple of advantages. Most venues and vendors will have availability. You might even get a good discount since winter is low season in the wedding industry. Keen on having a winter wedding, and you want to see how it looks like? You can check out Amanda and Jesper’s winter wedding here.

12. Select a theme

What theme do you think of when envisioning your wedding? Do you want everyone to follow a color scheme? Picking a color palette is fun. Start with your venue. Try to find matching or complementary colors to the venue. This will tie everything together beautifully. At the end of the day, it’s your call! You might also want to hire professional lighting services to complete the experience. 

Select a wedding theme

13. Don’t be so hasty with decision-making

Explore your choices. Don’t rush your booking with every first wedding vendor you meet. Make an appointment with several so you can form a proper opinion. 

14. Research your venue choices

Having the perfect venue can do wonders for the ambiance, the experience, and the pictures. Carefully research your options to optimize your wedding setup for your wedding visions! Another important aspect is that the venue understands and accommodates your ideas. Want exclusive rentals, such as chairs or tableware? That should be encouraged by the venue, so you get exactly what you dreamed of. Stay away from places that are difficult to deal with. That goes for any supplier, for that matter. This is where professionals really have the upper hand. They know all the venues intimately from working there at previous weddings. To plan your wedding like a pro, you want to visit several venues before making a decision. 

15. Form your wedding party sensibly

Your wedding party will be your support system throughout the journey to your big day. So choose wisely!

16. Ask for help

As mentioned repeatedly, wedding planning is no easy quest. Ask for help! Delegate! It will save you from too much unnecessary stress. Not to mention when learning to plan your wedding like a pro, you need input from others whose opinions you value. you can always use some of the planning apps that are out there. For example, there is Zola or Mint or Appy Couple.

17. Work on your guest list and invitations

You know who you want to be there, so make sure they would feel welcome with your invitations. Make your invites personable by including features from your venue, your theme, or the location. For example, include a handpainted map of the area or why not a bottle of wine if you are having a vineyard wedding.

Personalize your wedding invites

18. Book vendors with this in mind

Only book vendors whom you trust and feel super comfortable with. Not only should you like their style, but you should click with them personality-wise. A wedding photographer or a videographer is someone you will spend most of the wedding day with. Even more so than your partner. Since the photo and video team will be there from getting ready until the dance party. Make sure they are people you’d want to have a cocktail with!

19. Read every contract at least twice

Contracts can be tiring, but you have no choice: read them in detail.

And then reread them. I can not stress enough how important this is. The contract is in place to protect you and your vendor. Do not skip over any paragraphs. Reading contracts like a pro is no easy task but one of the more critical aspects of planning a wedding.

20. Add your personal touches

It’s your wedding. Claim it as your own by adding your personal touches. Dog lovers bring your pets to the wedding! Book nerds, include your favorite books in the decor. Francophiles get married in France! Just kidding! You can incorporate French stuff into your wedding day and still make it feel like you were in France. What I’m saying is that you can make it personal by including the things you love the most.

21. Make it LEGAL

I understand you must be stressed out about a lot of preparation details. You might be forgetting some things, but don’t ever forget to make your marriage a legally binding occasion! If you have a destination wedding, you probably want to make it legal before you leave. Sign all the necessary documents at home or make sure to hire someone on-site. A professional that can guide you through the legalities. This sets you apart and shows you can plan your wedding like a pro!

22. Finish the details

When you feel you’ve considered everything, finish everything. The fitting of your gown, the flower arrangements, and every other little detail. You would not want any loose ends on the evening before your big day.

23. Establish a complete (and realistic) schedule of events

This is to make sure that you and your guests will enjoy and not stress from one thing to the next. Realistic, some parts of the day will take longer than you expect. Add some time cushions in your schedule in case of delays. Ask your wedding photographer. That person will have way more experience with weddings that you do. And will help you to be practical with your timeline.

24. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator

If you haven’t got a wedding planner, you might want to consider a professional who would oversee everything on the actual wedding day. So you won’t have to worry if your schedule is on time. Delegating the day of coordination will ensure a stress-free experience and is hands down the best investment.

25. Ditch your wedding day to-do list

Make sure everything is already set before your actual day rolls around. On the morning of your wedding, you want to enjoy and not even think about anything else. 

26. Take a break together

With all the stress of wedding planning, you and your partner deserve a little break. Please make it romantic. Have date nights without mentioning the wedding. To be able to plan your wedding like a pro, you need time off too!

27. Be grateful

Say thanks. It goes a long way. Don’t forget to thank all your hard-working vendors at the end of the evening. After all, they made it all happen!

28. See the big picture

On your wedding day, you only have to look at the big picture. There may be some things that are outside of your control, and it’s okay. The important thing is you’re getting married to the person you love while surrounded by the important people in your life. Your wedding is only one day, but your marriage is forever. It’ could not be more perfect.

29. Enjoy the Big Day!

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. Don’t forget to take a few pauses throughout the day to take it all in. For example, take fifteen minutes from your dinner to out and look at the sunset. And at the same time, get some fantastic just-married photos together in the golden hour light. Or take a pause and see the dining area all set up before the guests are seated. You planned months for the decor and flowers, and seeing it untouched is a feast for the eyes. Have five minutes to soak it all in before the party starts. And remember to seize the day!

For more ideas on how to plan your wedding as a pro, check out this article.

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