Feb 12, 2020

Rånäs Slott A Wedding Ceremony By The Lake | My & Viktor


The Sprawling fields At Rånäs Slott

My and Viktor’s day started overlooking the sprawling fields at the Rånäs Slott castle grounds. The weather was bright and warm, a day filled with quiet but fierce energy. Everything was falling in to place as intended for them. After all this time, it was finally here, and it was marvelous. As it should be after over ten years in the making.

About Rånäs Slott

Rånäs is actually an old mill dating back all the way to the 1600 century. Rånäs Slott’s modern-day story begins in 1833 when the foundation of the castle is made. Today the villa is a charming spot with a summer palace vibe to it. Contemporary, yet with an old-world atmosphere to it. I have to mention the handpainted ceilings and frescos but there is so much more to this palace than that.

Savor The Process Of Falling In Love

Few couples take their time falling in love or savoring all the joy in the process. So often, we all jump from one milestone to the next. For My and Viktor, they soaked up every sweet moment they could while dating, and they did the same for their engagement. They had been together over a decade, knowing they would spend forever together. That patience, that ability to soak in the best moments of life, was something they brought into their wedding day. They knew it deserved to be an extraordinary event to honor their love for one another. Picking Rånäs Slott for the celebration tied everything together.

Black-Tie Wedding At Rånäs Slott

Every moment and detail of their day held a special meaning. They knew they wanted a black-tie wedding and focus on celebrating with their family and friends. From their custom designed wedding invitations and to their classic white reception decor. They nailed the black-tie aesthetic! Their warm ceremony, heartfelt speeches, and epic reception took care of the rest. Also, can we talk about the fact they got married in an old castle? Talk about romance! Rånäs Slott is an incredible choice. The estate is shimmering in the sunset, beckoning for amour. This very spot fitted My and Viktor’s wedding down to a T. 

After walking down to the lake at the end of the property all guests gathered to wait for the bride. The father of the bride escorted her to her groom. I swear, everyone was crying at this point, but the ceremony was quick, yet oh so poetic. There were so many happy tears shed for them. Everyone who was honored enough to be there knew just how lucky they are to be a part of My and Viktor’s lives.

Swedish Wedding Traditions

The rest of the night was full of laughter plus a few more tears. And as it should be, spent together. Touching speeches kicked off the reception, with most guests wanting to share how much My and Viktor means to them. There were so many fun and individual stories shared, and so much thankfulness for them. It was a perfect way to celebrate, and after that, the night moved forward in a traditional Swedish manner. And you all know what that means. Yep, partying until you drop! Guests danced the night away, part of that time spent dancing on the tables and furniture! It was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to, and I dragged myself off the dancefloor way past midnight.

This whole day was never to forget! And wow, I won’t! I am so thankful to have been a part of My and Viktor’s unimaginable day, and what a joy it is witnessing their love. Plus, it’s always a treat coming back to the beautiful Rånäs Slott. I can not wait for the next time!

Rånäs Slott bride toasting with bridesmaids Rånäs Slott black and white wedding photos Rånäs Slott WeddingWedding ceremony by the lake at Rånäs Slott Rånäs Slott WeddingRånäs Slott Weddingbride and groom walking back down the aisle looking very happy Rånäs Slott Swedish Midsummer wedding bouquet ideas Extended family photo Swedish Midsummer wedding Rånäs Slott Swedish Midsummer wedding Rånäs Slott Swedish Midsummer wedding bouquet Bridal party in the garden at Rånäs Slott Bride and groom in the garden at Rånäs Slott Rånäs Slott Wedding Rånäs Slott Black-tie wedding Rånäs Slott Rånäs Slott 17-century painted ceiling 17 century painted ceiling at Rånäs SlottRånäs Slott Wedding Rånäs Slott Wedding Wedding reception dinner at Rånäs Slott Rånäs Slott Wedding  

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