Feb 13, 2020

7 Of The Best Places To Take Engagement Photos In Stockholm

One of the questions I get asked most commonly is, “Where should we take our engagement photos in Stockholm?”

Many of the engagement photos that I post are taken in Stockholm, or just outside the city. Most places do not require a photo permit, but there are a few exceptions. I always recommend thinking about your venue as an option first. If the site is unique and has special meaning to you, it will always add value to the session. That’s the place where you will tie the knot!

Engagement Photos In Stockholm – Here Are My Top 7 Spots 

But what if there is no outstanding scenery at the venue? No worries! We can always find a spot relatively nearby. Stockholm is filled with amazing locations for engagement photos, and I’d love to help you find the perfect one for you!

Stockholm has some excellent engagement photo locations. Many of the ones listed here are free and open to everyone. Others may take a little planning or require a fee, but are often well worth it! Either way, you have plenty of great options to choose the perfect location. Because only the best is good enough for your engagement photo session!

Best places for engagement photos in Stockholm


Riddarholmen has several beautiful places to access the waterfront. Since the restoration of Riddarholmen, more of the area is open to us all, and there are some great spots! 

Here are some of my favorite places around Riddarholmen:

Evert Taubes Terass

Riddarholmen Brygga

Birger Jarls Torn

Södra Riddaholmshamnen

Birger Jarls Torg


 I’ve done so many photo sessions at Djurgården, and yet every time I find a new inspiring area. There are so many secluded places to explore. Djurgården is excellent at any time of the year because there is always great light to be found. In fact, late afternoon or early evening is the most beautiful time. If you’re thinking about doing a sunset session in Stockholm, this is probably one of your best options.

Djurgården is iconic to the city of Stockholm, and while you have the option of showing off your engagement photos in Stockholm, you can also have a family or wedding photo session here if you’d like.

Here are a couple of my most favored sites around Djurgården:

Täcka Udden

Lilla Sjötullen


Frisens Park





Best places for engagement photos in Stockholm

Gamla Stan

One thing I adore about Old Town is that it looks romantic all year. You can get a magnificent old-world feel, but then also take advantage of the splendid architecture. Not to mention, the Royal Castle Tre Kronor Slott is a great way to show off your Swedish heritage. Nothing says “Stockholm” more than pictures in Old Town. The Old Town is an excellent place for a session if you are looking for a more urban feel with lots of historic buildings. The environment is perfect for more formal attire. Old Town is also a great place for shooting at night if you want some engagement photos after dark!

Another bonus is that the Old Town is centrally located, and it would be easy to walk down the waterfront, to Riddarholmen, or to Skeppsholmen. You might have to fight off the crowds of tourists, though, but I think it could also add to the sentimental vibe.

Best places for engagement photos in Stockholm


Most people don’t even know that you can drive up all the way to Fåfängan. Although the walk up there is somewhat challenging, it is oh so worth it when you are up on the top. The views over the entire city and its waterways are beyond gorgeous. Hence it’s a fantastic spot for engagement photos in Stockholm. Fåfängan is open to the public at all times, and the light there is immaculate. 

Engagement photo Fåfängan

Other Striking Areas

There are quite a few spots that I’ve found over the years where you can drive just a short distance outside of Stockholm and take engagement photos. You can get some beautiful shots in one of the parks or wooded areas. Be sure to note down these beautiful places where you can go if you feel they are a better fit. These can also be convenient for wedding photos or family photos!

There are additional sites where you can shoot if you pay for access or make arrangements with the venue. Often these require a fee outside of admission, which varies based on the location.


Drottningholm is literally one of the most beautiful areas in Stockholm. There is no fee to have your engagement photos taken, and the place is vast! It’s effortless to find countless gorgeous spots to shoot at, and you can get anything from old oak trees to ponds to fountains as your backdrop. It is well worth the drive!

Best places for engagement photos in Stockholm


You’ll have to jump on a boat to access this place, but if you are up for it, there are some stunning locations on Sandhamn!


One of the most popular spots on Södermalm! No wonder every tourist has this very spot on their bucket list when they come to visit! The view over Old Town is sensational, and it’s pretty easy to access. Therefore its a must for your engagement photos in Stockholm if you crave a spectacular backdrop! 

Day Trips from Stockholm

Another thing I appreciate about Stockholm is that its co close to many other amazing locations. With a 4-5 hour drive, you can find a wide variety of areas. Everything from cliffs to lakes, from castles to enchanted woodlands.



One of my favorite places in Sweden. Seriously, I could write another post that would be way longer than this one with wedding photo locations at Öland. This is easily a day trip, and you can stop at a few different places along the way if you want to do a more extended session!

These are just a handful of my picks. There are literally numerous small areas in Stockholm with plenty of character. I’ve done so many engagement photo sessions and too many to have them all included here. I mean, there are still notable districts that I left off this list: Östermalm, Kungsholmen, Vasastan, and more. However, if you want to drive a little further, you can quickly get to Norrtälje, Uppsala, and various other lovely places. They also make those smart machines called planes if you’ve got a little extra cash to spend. But this post is about Stockholm engagement photos, but I’m always up for an adventure. I hope this post is helpful to understand that there are so many great opportunities to get fantastic engagement photos right here in Stockholm. Here are the reasons why I think you should have engagement photos done. I’d think you’d love!


Love what you see? I’d be thrilled to work with you to make your engagement session experience better than you’ve ever dreamed of. Get in touch today to ask about availability for your session. The most attractive summer dates go fast, so don’t wait!

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