Feb 17, 2020

Hotels in Stockholm | Top 25 for Weddings and Honeymoons

Hotels in Stockholm, which ones are the best for weddings and honeymoons? If you don’t know and need some ideas, I’ve got you covered! I made this page, especially for you! I have gathered the best wedding and honeymoon hotels in Stockholm that has everything for the big day or the perfect lovers’ weekend getaway!
Stockholm, lauded with its glamorous sceneries, is one of the spots eyed for ravishing wedding celebrations and honeymoons. Being the capital city of Sweden, it is home to numerous gorgeous venues that will be terrific for your big day and will suit your taste, may it be simple or lavish. For this blog, we’re explicitly discussing the stunning and charming hotels Stockholm has to offer!

Hotels In Stockholm

Finding the best place that will fit the bill is quite severe due to the vast array of hotels in Stockholm to choose from, but as a go-to wedding photographer in Sweden, I have gathered a list of 25 of the finest ones there are, so worry no more! Carry on reading.

1.Grand Hotel Stockholm

273 guest rooms
With its majestic interiors and opulent appeal, this gem in the heart of Sweden’s capital is an excellent choice for couples who are planning for a grand celebration. Perfect for the king and queen who’s up for an extravagant affair, this mighty jewel boasts its palace-like facilities, aristocratic experiences, and magnificent ambiance. It is one of the oldest and most glamorous hotels in Stockholm, and it sits just across the water from the Royal Palace. That’s why The Grand Hotel is the top choice for your wedding! Not to mention the honeymoon! 

2.Hotel Diplomat

130 Guest Rooms
In fact, Hotel Diplomat is known for its ornate style and lavish elegance, and it may give you the most luxurious experience yet! This hotel is best for couples who adore art as its preserved classic “Art Nouveau” style showcases the works of Swedish artists. Hotel Diplomat is exceptional for photographs as it has a bright, Scandinavian design. Furthermore, it is a charming place with a great restaurant on the bottom floor. Also known for being one of the best hotels in Stockholm. 

3.Lydmar Hotel

46 Guest Rooms
Casual weddings are getting popular these days as couples tend to get away from formal settings to modern trends. Lydmar Hotel offers a contemporary classic look that promotes serenity and simplicity. This is one of the best places fit for a stylish celebration and cozy honeymoon because you’ll surely feel at home! This Stockholm hotel is next to the inner harbor, where you can catch a boat out to the archipelago—conveniently situated next to the National Museum, a great place to visit if you have an extra afternoon to spend. 

4.Nobis Hotel

201 Guest Rooms
Situated in the heart of Stockholm, Nobis Hotel gives more of an elegant experience with a dash of a modern feel. Best for couples who are into a sophisticated ambiance, this hotel carries out a beautiful setting for saying I Do. Nobis is well suited for connoisseurs and conscious guests. Finally, Nobis has one of the best bridal suites of all hotels in Stockholm. Therefore it is perfect for the bride with a large bridal party!
Bridal suite Nobis Hotel In StockholmBridal suite Nobis Hotel In Stockholm

5.Villa Källhagen

36 Guest Rooms
Offering a more rustic vibe, Villa Källhagen is minutes away from the central. Given the Djurgårdsbrunn canal’s stunning views and the Nordic Museum, it is an excellent backdrop for exchanging your sincere vows. The sound of nature and the beauty of its surroundings it is a belle! Villa K’ällhagen will certainly be a memorable place for honeymooning. At the same time, Villa Källhagen is just a stone’s throw from the best shopping at Strandvägen!

6.Miss Clara Hotel

92 Guest Rooms
Located in Stockholm’s inner city, the classic hotel radiates an irresistible urban vibe and a timeless design. Miss Clara, by Nobis, boasts its fantastic Art Nouveau style, and it is built to offer an actual experience like no other! This gem seven-story structure is a wonderful setting for newlyweds who want a bit of everything. Because of that, Miss Clara is rapidly climbing the charts as one of the most popular hotels in Stockholm! 

7.Ett Hem

12 Guest Rooms

This rustic industrial hotel finds excellence in unique and personal experiences, things that are appropriate for couples who just tied the knot! Their flair, passion, bespoke approach to service, will to charm and inspire are the reasons why Ett Hem is one of the best venues for weddings and honeymoons. Besides, this super-secret hotel in Stockholm is for the discerning couple that values privacy, luxury and seeks an outstanding experience!Ett Hem Stockholm

8.Hotel J Nacka Strand

158 Guest Rooms
Providing high-quality Scandinavian style décor and their friendliest service, Hotel J puts an outstanding sea view forward, perfect for a superb wedding portrait. A garden overlooking the water is best suited for pleasant chitchat and warm coffee while mindfully enjoying Stockholm’s city pulse. Furthermore, at this hotel, you can also rent the adjacent villa, which serves as a wedding venue, right by the water! 

9.Fredriksborg Hotel

10 Guest Rooms
Looking over Solfjärden’s glistening water, Fredriksborg Hotel and Restaurant renders a warm welcome for you! This Byzantine-inspired edifice is lauded for its history, which is then renovated for the bride and groom to enjoy. Located 20 minutes away from Stockholm’s center, Fredriksborg is ideal for weddings (and shoots!) as the view is compellingly gorgeous! Hence listed as one of the best-kept secrets of hotels in Stockholm

10.The Sparrow Hotel

88 Guest Rooms
The Sparrow Hotel is a personal boutique hotel in the middle of Stockholm with a burst of color wherein newlyweds (and guests) can relax after the ceremony. Best suited for weddings, primarily, honeymoons, this fashionable hotel provides service straight from the heart. It’s a home away from home! For instance, The Sparrow has both a bistro and a wine bar. A touch of France in the middle of downtown Stockholm.


49 Guest Rooms
If you want a dazzling venue for the I Do’s and a tranquil setting for a honeymoon, then Stallmästaregården is the hotel for you! Entranced by both history and contemporary motifs, the place screams relaxation after the long ceremony. Bonus point: its aesthetic is suited for capturing your once-in-a-lifetime memories! This hotel has been around for a long time. Also, with its exciting history, it’s the perfect venue both for a wedding or, why not, anniversaries! 

12.Hotel Kungsträdgarden

94 Guest Rooms
Kungsträdgarden actually translates into The King’s Garden. It is a family hotel with a unique 94-room selection with a classic Gustavian style. Equipped with both a study, a private wine cellar, and even have a booze bar! It boasts a stunningly picturesque setting of the garden. For this reason, Hotel Kungsträdgården is well suited for quality time and photo opportunities with your beau

13.At Six

343 Guest Rooms
A sumptuous twist on elegant interiors and modern art: Hotel At Six is in central Stockholm, offering a restaurant, a bistro, and two bars. In this Scandinavian-themed place, couples on their honeymoon will be provided with an exclusive service, EVERY TIME! Most noteworthy, with a vibrant rooftop park, this hotel’s Stockholm Under Stjärnorna is definitely a plus! In fact, it’s one of the few hotels in Stockholm with such luxury!

14.Blique By Nobis

Right in the gallery district of Sweden’s capital, a 1930’s warehouse turned into a modern-day urban hotel, known as Blique by Nobis, is situated. To go with state-of-the-art photography, it has a monotonous façade showcasing ageless materials honed by nature with a contemporary spin that will match your timeless love! Consequently, you can’t go wrong with this hotel should you pick it for your wedding! 

15.Hotel Skeppsholmen

81 Guest Rooms
In the heart of the astir city, you’ll find an enticing ancient house turned hotel, and it’s set on a tranquil and abundant island. Hotel Skeppsholmen, located along the coast, gives off a rural and eco-friendly vibe that’s perfect for nature-loving couples. Nicknamed as Stockholm’s urban oasis. Furthermore, this modern venue is best suited for waterfront wedding photos and videos

16.Hotel Hellstens Malmgård

49 Guest Rooms
Hellstens Malmgård, located in the midst of Södermalm, holds an intimate boutique hotel transformed from an old manor. Suggesting an urban vibe but away from the city noise, this hotel matches your vision of an exemplary newlywed getaway. Also, with the town’s popularity for restaurants and cafes, the hotel is favorable for foodies! An excellent choice of hotel in Stockholm if you are on a budget!

17.Hotel Esplanade

This four-star boutique hotel may be the one you need! Exhibiting the Art Nouveau architecture, Hotel Esplanade (originally called Grand Pensionat Dehn) overviews calm waters, which radiate a friendly, relaxing aura for wedding ceremonies and after-parties! Certainly, the commendable view will serve as a great background for memories caught on film.

18.Elite Hotel Adlon

162 Guest Rooms
Elite Hotel Aldon is a dazzling place to celebrate as it displays a mixture of a neoclassical framework and trendy facilities. Aiming for everyone’s convenience, this hotel caters to non-smoking facilities and allergy-free rooms. They also have multilingual staff to accommodate everybody, and including foreign couples eyeing for an out-of-the-country getaway!


19.Story Hotel Riddargatan

In downtown Stockholm lies Riddargatan by Story Hotels, providing ease and accessibility to guests. With its pet-friendly amenities, it is well suited for wedding shots with your trusty fur babies! Merging styles from an urban New York restaurant to a bohemian Paris hotel, this Stockholm at the moment. By far the best choice for any millennial couple who lives to travel!

20.Hotel Hellsten

78 Guest Rooms
Set in calm and fascinating cosmopolitan premises, Hotel Hellsten, proffer friendly ambiance while creating once-in-a-lifetime memories for you and your partner! May your choice be modern or traditional, they provide a little bit of both worlds. Walls are designed with a combination of vivid and toned-down colors that are best for indoor wedding snapshots! From all the hotels in Stockholm to choose from, this is the one for a rainy day!


21.Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza

124 Guest Rooms
Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza is a palace-like building that houses the conventional layout while minutes away from the ever-so-busy Stockholm central. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of a mountain in some of its rooms. Moreover, live up to the moment by taking pleasure in your first days as a married couple.

22.Berns Hotel

82 Guest Rooms
Offering the idyllic view of Berzelli Park and the Baltic Sea, this 150-year old hotel is situated at the heart of Stockholm’s vigorous shopping and restaurant district. With a blend of history and elegance, Berns Hotel offers you a lively atmosphere while you’re with the love of your life. Also, don’t pick this hotel in Stockholm if you don’t like to party!

23.Hobo Hotel

201 Guest Rooms
Hobo Hotel has a casual take on the business, serving as a hub designed to execute their idea of a community. Here, the camping essence is spread out through the interiors, perfect for adventurous and outgoing couples! And this place holds an event place that can cater to your ideal ceremony.


24.Claes På Hörnet

The newly renovated 4-star hotel in Vasastan, Claes På Hörnet offers you a new environment where time meets time. This quaint venue offers a party floor with endless ideas and possibilities to try. Therefore this astonishing gem is a wonderful place to experience the most unforgettable moments of your life

25.Bank Hotel

115 Guest Rooms
Located within a small distance from Stockholm’s first-class shopping, nightlife, and cultural diversion, the Bank Hotel pampers guests in its private residential surroundings. Their spirited service and impeccable setting, plus their careful attention to detail, are best for your specific dream wedding, moreover as your ideal after-wed vacation!
Grand Hotel Stockholm Wedding & Honeymoon Hotel
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