Did you know about Gothenburg’s latest lit wedding venue, Världskulturmuseet? Imagine the first reaction from your friends and family when you announce you are getting married in a museum? Zzz, when they wake up, just tell them: Världskulturmuseet.  This hot on fleck wedding space at Världskulturmuseet, the National Museum of World Culture, is partially a […]

Världskulturmuseet: Gothenburg’s Lit Wedding Venue

Modern Scandinavian Design Wedding Venue Gothenburg

Dec 19, 2020

Covid Couldn’t Stop This Bro Hof Slott Wedding. Want to hear the sweetest love story? In 6th grade and after nearly 1 year as friends, Cecilia and Fredrik became sweethearts. Ever since a snowy Christmas Eve back in December 2005, they have walked hand in hand. Moreover, these two wild souls turned a potentially heartbreaking […]

Bro Hofs Slott Micro Wedding & A Stunning Gown

Bro Hof Slott Swedish Wedding

Jul 14, 2020

I’m a Stockholm photographer who often travels all over for sessions, so to have a couple travel all the way to me is always is so special. Picture this. The warm glow of the sunset beamed down on Lisa and Gustav as he pulled her close. His hands wrapped around her waist and she melted […]

Stockholm Photographer | Lisa & Gustav, Waldemarsudde

Stockholm photographer

Jul 11, 2020