Nov 2, 2023

Fairytale I Do’s: Top 20 Swoon-Worthy Wedding Venues in Sweden

Fairytale I Do’s: Top 20 Swoon-Worthy Wedding Venues in Sweden

With its mesmerizing fortresses, Arcadian landscapes, and gorgeous panoramas, Sweden is undoubtedly a stunning destination for those who want to wed like royalty! This Scandinavian nation lures couples with impressive wedding venues, perfect for different wedding fantasies. 

Sweden’s list of fantastic venue options is more extended than Rapunzel’s hair (which is a good thing). Still, this fact also renders a daunting venue selection task. But don’t worry, just yet! Through the years of being a go-to wedding photographer in Stockholm, I collected a reliable record of the top wedding venues in Sweden that offer authentic celebrations and endless opportunities for your wedding! From luxurious abodes to countryside estates.

Here are my top 20 choices for the best wedding spots in the Kingdom of Sweden. (Alright, it’s 23; I couldn’t help myself!)

Kronovall Castle

Be the king and queen of your love tale by saying I Do in an idyllic palace in Skåne. With its magically ornate architecture and English-inspired gardens, Kronovall Castle is indeed a captivating backdrop for tying the knot. Aside from the mentioned features, this Southern Sweden jewel also features a picturesque lake, enchanting trees, and Disney-like elements. The castle and its interior were built in the late 19th century. The look and feel of its Empire style are still untouched to this day.

Accommodation & Pricing

Kronovall Castle can accommodate up to 100 wedding guests, and prices start at 2490 SEK per person, including all drinks from the wedding menu, coffee, a free bar, and late-night snacks. You can have the ceremony in the baroque garden and stay in one of the many gorgeous double rooms or suites, starting at 1890 SEK, with breakfast included.

There are 23 rooms and 46 beds. The large salon can accommodate 68 guests, or 110 guests can spread out in different salons. Staying in one of the rooms in Vita Parkvillan costs 1590 SEK.

Wedding Venue In Sweden, Kronovalls Vinslott

See more from Kronovall here

Bjertorp Slott

Known for being Sweden’s best-preserved Art Nouveau manors and gardens. Bjertorp Slott nestled between golden fields and open lush areas on the west coast of Sweden. It’s ideal for destination weddings and for any couple wanting to get a tailored wedding experience. Bjertorp Slott exudes elegance and whisks you away to another era, so be a princess for a day! Why pick Bjertorp as your wedding venue? Because their luxurious bridal suite is probably the most special antechambers in the entire country of Sweden! The wedding ceremony can be held in the castle park or in one of the nearby churches.

Guest Rooms & Pricing

Bjertops Slott has 35 double rooms, of which 2 are suites, 65 beds in total. You can rent the entire castle for 75000 SEK. The price starts at 1970 SEK per person. That includes a barbecue buffet in the castle park on the day of arrival and lunch before the wedding. After the wedding ceremony, champagne is served and in the evening, enjoy a three-course wedding banquet including 3 glasses of wine per person. Wedding cake from an award-winning patisserie, Cafe Avec plus late-night snacks are also included.

Bjertorp Slott view from the garden


Don’t miss this real wedding at Bjertop

Häringe Slott

This belle in Stockholm’s southern archipelago has always been a posh locality over the centuries. Häringe Slott is a historic fortress which is known for being owned by elite descendants and for being a meetup place of noblemen and royalties of all ages. For couples who want to be a little extra, the chateau’s extravagant gardens and classy restaurant are certainly the ones for elegant celebrations! And did I mention the pool?

Guest Capacity & Prices

At Häringe Slott you can throw a big, fat wedding reception! Invite up to all of your best friends and extended family and utilize the separate wing located right next to the castle. Possibility to decorate according to your own taste and style is great! Straight tables and upholstered chairs in varying colors are included in the local rent. Speedy WiFi, projector with canvas, whiteboard, two speakers covered. 70 rooms with a capacity for 150 overnight guests. Prices from 1050 SEK per guest.

Häringe castle Alex Noren's wedding

See Alex Noren’swedding at Häringe Slott here

Södertuna Slott

A former castle in Gnesta, this old hotel is an excellent choice for an authentic Swedish wedding. With its delicate cream exterior and rich-detailed interior, Södertuna Slott will surely be an extraordinary venue for creating beautiful memories. Södertuna Slott welcomes guests with mobility challenges and has 4 specially equipped rooms, fully accessible by wheelchair. 

Wheelchair Accessible

69 st guest rooms and 120 beds. You can celebrate in any of the 5 castle’s grand salons or bring your pet! 8 of the guests’ rooms allows for pets to stay. Wedding in the castle, the main building with a minimum of 70 guests starts at 2690 SEK per person.  Or if you prefer you can choose the Hertig Karl’s Pavillion next to the caste, a minimum of 40 guests and rates start at 1850 SEK per person. The ceremony can be held in the beautiful garden or in one of the nearby churches.

Södertuna Slott Wedding Venue in Stockholm


See Rita & Nick’s wedding at Södertuna here or Jennie & Jacob’s glamourous wedding here.

Häckeberga Slott

This Pinterest-sensation is a top selection for couples who are eager to achieve privacy during their wedding. Elegantly situated in a lake islet, Häckeberga is connected to the mainland with only a single strip of the bridge. Yup, this crossing won’t keep gatecrashers out, but the number will surely be in minimum!

Guest Capacity & Prices

This is the perfect spot for a more intimate celebration as Häckeberga only accepts smaller events. A maximum of 30 guests in total. For overnight guests, including also afternoon coffee, overnight stay, and breakfast from 2395 SEK per guest depending on the choice of accommodation. Dinner guests 1095 SEK per person.

Rosersbergs Slott

With an enormous front lawn, classic Swedish appeal, and symmetrical concept, this hotel in Rosersbergs might be your dream setting for getting hitched. Most magnificent during the cold season, this former chateau looks like a winter wonderland of your childhood fantasy movies. If a white wedding is your thing, this venue is a total win-win for you!

63 Rooms and 5000 Square Meters

Around 5000 square meters are distributed in the castle’s various wings with 63 hotel rooms divided into Kavaljersflygeln, Teaterflygeln, and Källarbacken. In the palace, a number of chambers can accommodate up to 100 guests. Prices start at 1995 SEK per person and furthermore Roserbergs Slott also offers a stunning honeymoon suite for 2995 SEK per night. The price includes breakfast, a bottle of champagne, fruits, and chocolate plus bathrobes and slippers!

Skytteholm Hotel

A charming waterfront hotel in Ekerö, Skytteholm, is a captivating estate for couples who are dreaming of a serene and whimsical celebration. The tranquil waters of the nearby lake create a magical backdrop for saying I Do and the aristocratic hotel interiors are perfect for holding your reception. Skytteholm is an ideal wedding venue in Sweden for if you want a countryside feeling yet staying close to the big city.

Wedding Packages & Prices

Skytteholm has two wedding packages. One that includes a glass of sparkling wine and snacks. A three-course meal with wine and Cafe Avec, a minimum requirement of 40 guests in total. Priced at SEK 1745 per person. Add champagne and hors d’oeuvres and expect to pay 1945 SEK per guest. Single rooms are available from SEK 1250 per room and double rooms from SEK 1395.

The manor’s dining room which seats 82 guests at long tables and cake with Cafe Avec are served in the lounge. Later they open up the bar and make room for dancing. If you want to be in the manor house but will have more than 82 guests, dinner can be served in Skyttegården, adjacent to the main building.


Check out Frida and Mikael’s wedding at Skytteholm here.


Krägga Herrgård

With the mix of modern farm-lifestyle and private nature experience, this charmer in Balsta is the best pick for imaginatively chic brides. Kragga Herrgard is a lakefront hotel with a mixture of contemporary aristocracy and tranquil atmosphere. It’s just 45 minutes away from the main town, but this venue will make you feel like you’re in a completely different world! 

Deluxe Suite or Honeymoon Suite

Krägga offers wedding packages for 60 guests and up at a cost of 1250 SEK per person. They have a total of 46 hotel rooms spread over 33 double rooms and 13 single rooms. The deluxe suite is located in the manor. The other guest rooms are located in the two manor wings and in the detached Sjövillan and Härbret. Single room with breakfast will cost you 1015 SEK and double room or twin room with breakfast 1835 SEK per room. Or you can choose a deluxe room with breakfast for 2140 SEK. There is also a honeymoon suite with breakfast for SEK 2750.

Görvälns Slott

Surrounded by towering trees and nearby lakes, this manor in Järfalla is indeed a romantic destination for your special day. With its ivory exteriors and long windows, Görvälns Slott radiates a vintage allure that’s perfect for your wedding photoshoot. The preferred wedding venue in Stockholm for smaller events.

A Chambre Séparée With Görväln’s Own Wedding Decor

Görvälns Slott arranges weddings and parties for groups between 12 and 24 people with dinner and overnight stay. The price starts at 2690 SEK person and includes 1 glass of sparkling wine with one top up and snacks. A four-course wedding meal with coffee or tea. A Chambre séparée with Görväln’s own wedding decor and flowers plus a night stay in one of the gorgeous a double rooms and breakfast.

Wedding ceremony at Görvälns Slott

Get inspired by this real wedding at Görväln’s Slott here.

Bjärsjölagårds Slott

In addition to its elegant chic vibrancy, this Scanian stunner in Sjöbo also boasts its delicious gastronomy. Bjärsjölagards Slott ‘s charm isn’t only evident with its sleek exteriors and surrounding fields. The smiles and reactions of guests who have tasted the manor’s finest cuisines proved that this estate is a haven of beautiful (and flavorful) memories.

Wedding ceremony in front of Bjärsjölagårds Slott

Fulltofta Slott

With a lovely church, a gorgeous château, and a unique banquet hall, Fulltofta Slott is a remarkable venue situated in a countryside setting. The estate’s most notable feature is the bizarre-shaped banquet area with a superb rooftop. Overlooking the verdant landscapes of Fulltofta, this roof terrace is indeed a perfect spot for impressive parties and celebrations! The roof terrace is a unique feature; therefore, it stands out compared to the other wedding venues in Sweden.

Tjolöholm Castle

If you want an amalgamation of all things beautiful, say no more. Located at 4 miles south of Gothenberg is a majestic estate for the bride with a rustic and opulent taste. Tjolöholm Castle is a lavish combination of historic vintage and well-manicured gardens. With a gorgeous sea view and breathtaking interior decor, we say Sorry, Hogwarts, but you’re nothing like this citadel!

Grand Hotel Mölle

Strategically situated on a coastal hill in Mölle, this hundred-old hotel is an excellent option for couples who desire a coalescence of rich history and charming sea views. Known as an old-fashioned meeting spot, Grand Hotel has long proven its undeniable appeal as a leading choice for gatherings and social events.

Gimo Herrgård

Active adventurers, this retreat spot is a perfect fit for you! If you’re planning to stay a pre-wedding activity or post-wedding event, Gimo Herrgård is a haven for your needs. In addition to its picturesque 18th-century interiors, this chateau offers fun actions for different preferences. Aside from its beautiful lake, it has a zip line park, a rope course, and more adrenaline adventures! Separating Gimo from the other wedding venues in Sweden is the gorgeous greenhouse that can be used for your wedding ceremony.

Gimo Herrgård, a wedding venue in Sweden

Rånäs Slott

Other than its enchanting exteriors, elegant prints and delicate patters of its historical past fills Rånäs. Its function halls festooned with high ceilings and Moroccan floors are ideal for couples who are seeking an authentic royal experience. Additionally, Rånäs has a gorgeous bridal suite on the top floor of the castle. One of the few wedding venues in Sweden with such a luxury. Rånäs own wedding coordinator, Pernilla is certified through the wedding academy. If you need further suggestions and guidance about your wedding, Pernilla is more than happy to help you with the planning.

Exclusive Rights To The Entire Property

Rånäs Slott has 34 double rooms, 15 single rooms, and a suite. Wedding accommodation including breakfast, 995 SEK per person. Extra bed including breakfast 395 SEK per person and Wedding suite including breakfast, 2945 SEK.

They offer exclusive rights to the entire property! With 75 overnight guests or more, you can have the castle all to your selves moreover the surrounding buildings are always included. There is a small fee for more intimate events. It is additionally possible to book Rånäs Slott for weddings weekdays during the summer season. The wedding menu starts at 1695 SEK per person.

Wedding Venues In Sweden, Rånäs Slott view from the garden

Want to see what a real wedding at Rånäs Slott can be like? Scroll through Danielle and Anton’s wedding photos with a outdoor ceremony!

Gränsö Castle

With a mixture of superior class hospitality and lavish guest experience, this waterfront estate in Västervik might be your top pick for a wedding venue in Sweden. The soothing vibe of the nearby lake creates an impressive background for exchanging your beautiful vows. Apart from its inherent allure, Gränsö’s spacious banquet halls are ideal options for socializing, entertaining, and partying with your loved ones.

Möckelsnäs Herrgård

Set in a peaceful lakefront and surrounded but lush greeneries, this rustic nook in Dio is a breathtaking gem for couples who’s craving for quiet luxury. Möckelsnäs Herrgard is indeed a haven for lovebirds who want to get hitched in an off-beaten path. With its tranquil nature sounds and serene atmosphere, your wedding day will unquestionably feel like a soulful vacay instead of a chore.


Offering unique opportunities for memorable celebrations in a unique environment. The art gallery meets archipelago, and the premises provide both high-end designed spaces and high-quality food. Artipelag is one of the most sought after venue spaces in Sweden and mentioned in several international publications for its unique architecture. For the style-conscious bride and groom with a passion for the modern arts. The only art gallery that additionally serves as a wedding venue in Sweden.

Unique And Has A Very Large Guest Capacity

Artipelag offers a completely unique wedding venue in Sweden! Their largest space has unparalleled opportunities for a really big wedding celebration. You can have a seated dinner for up to 750 people or a mingle for up to 1400 people. The rent includes sound and light with the existing rig. For pricing please request a quote!


Want to see how it looks during a real wedding? Below is Greta & Max’s wedding I photographed at Artipelag.

Wedding at Artipelag Stockholm


One of the more spectacular wedding venues and more than swoon-worthy! It just has to be Norrviken situated on Bjärehalvön. The in-house restaurant Orangeriet presents a culinary experience for all senses, and Norrviken prides itself by including mainly local products. With a park full of unusual plants and two spectacular greenhouses, Norrviken sells out like melting butter in a hot frying pan. Most importantly,  it’s a living garden museum that will serve up a most sumptuous backdrop for your wedding! One of the most distinctive wedding venues in Sweden.

Unique Glass House Wedding Venue in Sweden

1595 SEK per guest including 2 glasses of sparkling wine and 2 different types of canapés. A 3-course menu with selected wines, 5 glasses per person plus coffee and late-night snacks is included in the price. What is added on top are the arrangement costs of 9000 SEK.

A wedding ceremony in Norrviken Trädgårdar costs 15500 SEK and the price includes electricity and chairs. Free admission to the gardens for all guests 30 minutes before the ceremony and a photography permit for the duration of the wedding day.

Or book the Victorian-style house created for special events. A magical building entirely in glass and it extends the season. This glasshouse is therefore a perfect place for an unforgettable occasion. I can undoubtedly say this is one of Sweden’s best wedding venues. Having your wedding ceremony in the Victoria House is will cost you about 33000 SEK and that includes chairs.

Wedding couple at Norrviken. View from the garden


You can see this real wedding at Norrviken in full here!

Ystad Saltsjöbad

Provision of authentic luxury experience. Luxury is Ystad Saltsjöbad’s ultimate mission when it comes to serving their clients. Why? Aside from its affluent facilities and superior services and this hotel resort also has a lovely oceanfront. Which is perfect for beach lovers. So, if you’re a couple who wants to get married with your feet in the sand without sacrificing luxury, this resort is a terrific choice for you!

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

Imagine a contemporary-style Buckingham Palace with a spectacular waterfront. Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden is the closest to what you’re visualizing! Besides, The Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden is strategically located in a magnificent bay. Therefore the mind-blowing estate is a stunning alternative for brides looking for a wedding venue in Sweden. Especially brides who want to feel like a modern queen on their special day. Isn’t it gorgeous, Your Majesty?

Noors Slott

If a patrician style with a flavor of rustic is your bet. This countryside charmer in Knivsta will take your breath away. Noors Slott is framed with lush trees. Together with manicured lawns, Noors Slott is ideal for a rural-themed garden wedding. The airy function halls will undoubtedly make you and your invitees feel like aristocrats because its interiors are so grand.

Bro Hof Slott

Small or big doesn’t matter because at Bro Hof Slott you can get exactly what you want! Did you know that Bro Hof also has one of Sweden’s best golf courses? In 2016, it was ranked by Golf magazine Digest as THE best golf course in all of the Nordic countries! Bro Hof Castle is a mansion built in 1888 and with the white exterior, it looks like taken out of a fairy tale. Any bride looking for the perfect castle to get married would love to do it right here.

Guest Capacity & Prices

Bro Hof welcomes parties from 10-100 people and helps you with everything from entertainment to decorating. You have a number of different banquet facilities at your disposal and the wedding ceremony can be held in front of the grand staircase. Furthermore, they tailor your wedding dinner based on your own ideas. and style. Prices for a wedding start at SEK 1450 per guest. All I say is wow!

Bro Hof Slott från framsidan med brudpar i förgrunden



Sweden has so many gorgeous wedding venues all over our long country. Wineries, Hotels, Gardens, Castles, the possibilities are truly infinite. Everyone has different wishes when it comes to their dream wedding venue whether it’s price, ease of access for traveling guests, and of course, aesthetics. Above are some venues that I think are amazing options for the best wedding venues in Sweden. If you think I’ve missed a place that should be listed or if you love the photos and would like to see if I’m available for your date, be sure to get in touch!


Still haven’t made up your mind about your wedding venue in Sweden? Want to see a  couple of noteworthy full wedding days? I think you’d love this sophisticated real wedding at Bjertorp Slott, or why not check out this real chic wedding at Artipelag!

xoxo, Isabelle


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