Artsy and distinct engagement photos are not the usual engagement pictures that you’d normally see. I’m a strong advocate for creating unique experiences as well as unique photos for all my clients. So when it comes to your engagement pictures, a little preparation goes a long way. I mean, these will be photos that you […]

Artsy And Distinct Engagement Photos

Artsy engagement photos

Jul 5, 2020

One of the questions I get asked most commonly is, “Where should we take our engagement photos in Stockholm?” Many of the engagement photos that I post are taken in Stockholm, or just outside the city. Most places do not require a photo permit, but there are a few exceptions. I always recommend thinking about your […]

7 Of The Best Places To Take Engagement Photos In Stockholm

Best places for engagement photos in Stockholm

Feb 13, 2020

Maybe they are just born that way. You know, just utterly at ease in front of a camera. What draws me in is Amanda’s hair waving softly in the evening breeze and Andreas’s smile when he looks at her. In any case, these light-filled engagement photos capture the essence of Stockholm summer for me, and […]

Engagement Session In Stockholm | Amanda & Andreas

Aug 1, 2019