Aug 1, 2019

Engagement Session In Stockholm | Amanda & Andreas

Engagement sessions are an excellent way for the photographer to connect with a couple. I do it in la ow pressure and an enjoyable atmosphere. Most of the time, I shoot engagement sessions for couples who have hired me for their wedding. But any coupe is welcome to schedule an engagement session with me! My engagement session tips have been collected over the years based on my experience shooting them. I hope it will help you as you plan your engagement session. To prepare and to get beautiful images from your engagement session.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff!

Many of us don’t feel relaxed in front of the camera. It is natural to worry about what you will look like in your images. I am here to help you make your engagement session enjoyable! An engagement shoot is an extraordinary opportunity to capture your love with your partner in a natural style. Don’t bother about the little stuff. I will give you directions, so you never have to worry about what to do with your hands. You’ll feel comfortable and most important. You’ll have fun with your loved one.

Best Light & Time Of The Day

While it’s true that location is everything in photography, but what truly makes the aesthetic of a photograph is the quality of light. By going for an engagement session time close to sunset, we’ll have better opportunities when it comes to finding glorious light to shoot in.

Location Choices

Picking the engagement location can be tricky. I always have recommendations, but I urge my couples to think about any spots that are specific to them. This could be a place you got engaged, or maybe even better, a place you’ve desired to go together! Remember, not all locations will allow engagement session shoots. A few sites need a permit, and it may cost a fee. Some areas may be a little crowded, always check on beforehand.


Dress For The Location & Occasion

The most common question I get is what to wear. Every twosome is unique, so there is not a simple answer. Besides, when choosing your outfit, make sure you are wearing something you feel fabulous in. If the outfit doesn’t feel amazing, then that may come across when you look at the pictures. Bring two outfits, one more formal. Don’t know where to get the perfect dress? I’ve got you! Rent your dress at The Wow Closet. The Wow Closet has everything you need and a collection of amazing gowns.

Snuggle Up

The best posing tip I have for couples is to forget about everything else. Snuggle up and get close! Much more intimate than you’d usually want to be in public. Your connection comes across a lot more in the images if you are cozy with each other. If your body language is distant from your partner, that will show in your photos. I aspire to document the real connection between you. It can feel weird at first. But I assure you if you welcome it, you will be delighted with the pictures!

What To Do With The Photos

You have your images back & you love them! Now what? Engagement session photos can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Not only a new profile picture. You could use them for a wedding website. Use them as embellishments on the wedding day. Print them and put them on the walls of your home. Your imagination is the limit!
Engagement Session Tips
Engagement photos
Engagement Session In Stockholm
Engagement Session Ekerö Stockholm Sweden

Maybe they are just born that way. You know, just utterly at ease in front of a camera. What draws me in is Amanda’s hair waving softly in the evening breeze and Andreas’s smile when he looks at her. In any case, these light-filled engagement photos capture the essence of Stockholm summer for me, and it’s exactly the way I love shooting the most. They capture warmth, love, and connection between the two, and I couldn’t be more proud to have been chosen as their wedding photographer. I know we will have so much fun together!

xo, Isabelle

  1. Awesome pictures, love the colors and the light! Congratulations!

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