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We are stoked to have reach 3000 likes on our Facebook page, a BIG warm thank you to you all!! To celebrate we are giving away a free couple session and all you have to do to enter is:

1. Send us an email to: info [ @ ] and tell us about why you want to win the giveaway. 2. Share the post about the giveaway on our Facebook page on your timeline . You can be a married couple or engaged or perhaps you just met. Or, if you know a couple you think should win, enter them! Easy peasy!

Rules: Not many, but you do have to be willing to travel to us in Stockholm, or bring us to where you are. We select the date of the shoot together with the winner of the giveaway.

What the winner of the giveaway receives: 1 hr photo session with 2 Brides Photography, Professional film, developing and scanning at our pro lab Uk Film Lab and a proofing gallery. Worth 4500SEK


Winner of the giveaway will be announced here on our blog May 2nd 2014 and we can’t wait to here from you!!


Isabelle & Emmi-Sabina


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Film photographer Isabelle Hesselberg


I have been blessed in so many ways and are aware of that each and every one of us had difficulties to overcome. So when Charlie Kingsland-Barrow asked me if she could interview me for her blog ”Everyday Happy” I felt it would be a good thing, and perhaps help others with a handicap or other obstacles to deal with. I really don’t like playing the handicap-card, it’s not who I am, but if I can inspire one person to pursue his or her dream, I’d play that card any day.

Charlie is a super woman, she is raising a family, writing books, running a sucsessful business as a film wedding photographer and she is a good, good person. She also writes really great stuff for motivating others and I follow her blog and really want to recommend you to to the same! Charlie lives in beautiful Cotswold countryside and her goal is to make people happy, everyday. How rad is that?

Thank you Charlie for doing such an incredible job by encouraging so many people by doing what you do, wish I had half of your strength and energy!

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Holy Sweet the book


When I got a phone call early spring last year, I had no idea one of my long time dreams would be about to come true. The person on the other end was Johanna Kullman, extraordinary book publisher. She’s in charge of the cook book department at Norstedts Publishing Group AB in Stockholm. She asked if I would like to photograph a book together with the ladies at the dessert deli Holy Sweet. Holy Sweet is a small patisserie at Östermalm, specializing in luxurious cakes and dessert tables catering to weddings, parties and special occasions. I was over the moon happy and probably rambled, I can’t remember what I said exactly apart from a BIG yes and thank you, think I said thank you a million times over.  Linda and Christina are dear friends and I’ve been working with them on numerous wedding and nothing could have been more thrilling than to shoot a book with them. So at that first meeting, with Johanna and our project manager Michaéla, I just sat with a big grin on my face and trying to grasp the whole thing. We were doing a BOOK!! A real book, that world be available in book stores through out he whole of Sweden as well as online.


And not any old book, a lush dessert book filled with goodness and amazingness  for everyone to enjoy!


Lush film photography Kodak Portra 400

We started to plan and eventually shoot during June of 2013 and the philosophy behind Holy Sweet is that there are no limits to what a sweet can be – pastries and artwork in one. There is something unique for every special occasion : wedding , birthday and anniversary , but also for that very ordinary everyday life that craves the silver lining.

Holy Sweet Dessert book


It was in the middle of my peak season, I shoot mainly weddings,, but since this was perhaps the coolest and most fun assignment I’ve ever had, I quickly moved around things in my calendar to make it work.


We had insanely fun shooting this book, laughed so I cried, sweating like a pig and learned a ton along the way. For instance I learned the workflow of how to make a book from a photographers point of view is not that different from how I shoot weddings but I have to wait so much longer to see the finished product. I learned what’s worth spending extra time on and what’s not so important. I learned that I can do better, always. I learned that it os ok to put your foot down and say no if something doesn’t look right. I learned that if you put your heart into what you are doing and do it with a passion you can achieve almost anything. Ok, I won’t ever run a marathon, but not because I don’t want to, for those of you who don’t know, I have no legs. I have prosthetics legs, on both legs. I was born with a handicap, (oh also, I only have one arm) tough luck.

Isabele Hesselberg shooting Holy Sweet


But, I have learned that even if you have disabilities you can do what ever you want, almost, if you just trust your gut and roll with it.

Afternoon tea dessert table Stockholm IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-04 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-05 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-06

I won’t bore you anymore with my life but I do want to take the opportunity to once again say thank you. To Johanna, Linda and Christina who trusted me with this project, I’m forever in your debt. THANK YOU!


The Holy Sweet book is an inspiration bomb filled with recipes and lots of practical tips. How to make world-class macarons, optimizing flavor combinations or create dessert table based on different themes. You can order it HERE and I swear to you, you won’t be disappointed. You will certainly salivate and thinking about what kind of dessert table you’ll make for the next big occasion in your life.

To life, love and Holy Sweet’s!

xx / Isabelle Isabelle Hesselberg fine art film photographer Stockholm, Sweden IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-08 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-09 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-10 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-11 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-12 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-16 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-15 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-14 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-13 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-17 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-18 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-19 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-20 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-21 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-24 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-28 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-27 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-26 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-25 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-29 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-30 IsabelleHesselberg-HolySweet-DessertBook-31

As I’m writing this I have just been commissioned by Johanna and Norstedts to shoot another book together with Linda and I can only tell you that that book is going to be killer!!!!!! Wiehhhho!



This book could not have been made with out Kodak Portra film. All images are shot on Kodak Portra 160, 400 and 800. I also had tremendous help from my peeps Erica and Christian at UK Film Lab, simply THE BEST lab in the world. They have developed and scanned everything to this book and they are wicked!!

Oh and since I promised some behind the scenes footage, here’s some awkward photos of me shooting this book, courtesy Christina Kokkalis and Linda Nielsen-Wermeling ;-)

971798_10151685110254247_1602717980_n 972199_10151685111179247_1528304542_n 1236922_10151685106764247_1825128541_n 1237020_10151685110419247_48539401_n
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I have been writing on a blog post about my adventure shooting the Holy Sweet dessert book with these two crazy talented ladies, Linda and Christina. Just been dying to share more photographs from the book so now that it’s finally published I can blog the good stuff, behind the scenes and my favorites that might not made it into the final cut of book, but are to lovely not to publish. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, it’s gonna be oh so Holy Sweet, promise!Holy Sweet Dessert book

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Pre-wedding shoots are something we offer in all of our all day wedding photography packages. Our previous bridal couples have told us again and again how great it was to have a pre-wedding shoot, and how comfortable they felt in front of our cameras. It helped them to stay relaxed during the actual wedding day and not to worry about the photography. They knew that the images from their big day, would be absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s a little sneak peek from a pre-wedding shoot we did 2 weeks ago in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is what it’s all about. Celebrating a new union, on a location that holds a special place in their hearts. Having fun, capturing their expressions, emotions and the excitement. Sheer joy!

Tel Aviv beach session pre-wedding shoot Israel

Pre-wedding shoots not only helps calming the camera nerves it is also the perfect opportunity to get hair and makeup trial done and see how they look on film! You might wanna do adjustments to your look, or you might find out it looks freaking fantastic when you see the pre-wedding shots. Yay, score!

So what are you gonna do with the photos? Well, there are a few different ways. We’ve learned our clients use them for Save The Date cards, if  booked well in advance. Post them on their personal wedding website and Facebook is also very popular. Several bridal couples have used the pre-wedding photos in the guest book or featured the pictures in a slideshow on the weeding day it self.

Film photography shoot before the wedding

We love shooting sessions like this one. It brings us closer to our clients and we get to know them in a relaxed setting.

Not getting married? You can still do a couple session, best way to keep the spark up in your marriage or relationship in our opinion. And who doesn’t want stunning images of themselves and the person they love, to treasure and share for a long time. Sheer joy!











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