Family picnic engagement session


One of the most lovely steps of getting engaged is planning your engagement session and having your engagement photos taken!

Family picnic engagement session Engagement-session-fine-art-film-photographer-2BridesPhotography Engagement-session-fine-art-film-photographer-2BridesPhotography

What would the two of you do together on a Sunday afternoon? Hang out with the family in you garden, eat, enjoy the weather? Well that’s exactly how Niklas and Sara planned their engagement session, a fun and relaxed afternoon with family and closest friends. 

On my way to Sara’s parents house outside Stockholm I thought to myself, this is such a lovely idea. Why haven’t I thought of it before. To invite your closest friends to you childhood home for the engagement session and celebrate together is fantastic. It really captures their personalities and tells me a lot about their relationship. They love family life, good food and cherish the moments they spend with each other and their friends. We’ve had the privilege to have this session featured at Wedding Sparrow blog! 

 Sara and Niklas engagement session was a joy to photograph and I seriously look forward to their wedding in the end of August.

To purchase prints from this event click on this link. If you want to have your family picnic photographed or book your engagement session, send us an email!

This session was shot on Kodak Portra 160 film and dev/scan by Richard Photo Lab.

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Blush bridesmaids dress

Bridesmaids in blush bridesmaids dresses shot at Rosendal, Stockholm. Contax 645 Kodak Portra 400. Bröllopsfotograf Stockholm.


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