Wedding season is about to go into high gear and one of my favorite things to capture on a wedding day is the wedding bouquet. So today I’m sharing 5 beautiful wedding bouquets for spring to get inspired by.

Spring wedding bouquet with pops of colors in rust cream and blu

This wedding bouquet with pops of colors in rust cream and blush would be perfect for a spring wedding.

Wheater you like a white and green bouquet or a lush colorful bouquet there are a few things to think about.

  1. Are your favorite flowers in season?
  2. Perhaps the exact shade of a particular flower won’t be available, have a plan B?
  3. Think about how heavy the bouquet will be, you will be carrying it for a large portion of the day

Wedding bouquet with large garden roses in soft blush pastels

For spring all tones of soft pastels are flattering and fitting to the season. It also doesn’t steal all the attention from the bride. A bouquet is something that should accentuate the brides but not take over.

Asymmetric white wedding bouquet with touches of green foliage

An asymmetric white wedding bouquet with touches of green foliage for the fashion-forward bride.

Wedding bouquet with wild berries and pops of red and purple

Why not add wild berries and pops of red to your bouquet?

Cascading drop shaped wedding bouquet in white and green

The shape of the bouquet can vary, my personal favorite form is an asymmetric shape with a natural feel. Let the blooms be a bit free and not too tightly bound. This cascading drop shaped wedding bouquet in green and white stole my heart, so classy!

Which bouquet do you love the most? If you liked this you might want to check out this gorgeous wedding with lush blooms and a stunner of a wedding bouquet. Enjoy!

xoxo, Isabelle

Floral designers featured in this article: The Wild Rose | Lily Paloma | Fanny Staaf Events | Al Blanc Atelier | Trendfloristerna

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I always help my couples create a stressfree and relaxed wedding day timeline and remind them of things to take into consideration when planning for the big day. From getting ready to the first dance. Today I’m sharing my thoughts concerning the start of the day. At the end of this post, I have a free bonus for you. It’s a simple timeline template that you can download and edit easily.

Light is everything!

Find a space with plenty of natural light and neutral colors for you and your bridesmaids to get ready in. Preferably a large room so it won’t feel cramped. There has to be suitable space for hair and makeup, but also enough room to have your bridesmaids help you get into the dress. As a photographer, I want to be able to move around and get photos from several different angles if possible. A well lit and large room is best for bridal prep

A Stressfree Wedding Day Timeline

Sweatpants No thanks! Make sure your bridesmaids are ready and changed before they help you with the dress. You don’t want the girls wearing sweatpants in your bridal photos. Add some extra time for this part of the day if hair and makeup run late, especially if you have a large bridal party. It’s better to feel relaxed than rushed.

White bridal shoes with adornments

Example Wedding Day Timeline With First Look

This timeline is ideal if you are having a first look and want to have family formals done before the ceremony. Don’t know what a first look is? A first look is something we organize. It’s a private rendezvous between the couple so they get to see each other before the ceremony.  It can be done in a number of ways. Typically either the bride or the groom walks up to the other and taps them on the shoulder. By having a first look the bride and groom get to enjoy a beautiful (and often emotional) moment in private.First look helps calm the nervesPros 

Calms the nerves a bit and that helps with photos a whole lot! Our couple get to spend time together before the ceremony and partake a special moment AND I have time to photograph it. This also makes for an excellent opportunity to capture some candid portraits. In a traditional wedding day timeline, a bride and groom wouldn’t see each other until the ceremony, much later in the day.  The period between the ceremony and dinner doesn’t have to drag out. Most of the photographs are already done, the reception can start faster. For winter weddings this is a must since we loose light so early.Groom with groomsmen looking coolCons

The day starts much earlier and if we are going to shoot almost all of the photographs before the ceremony, the bridal party and family has to be ready much earlier in the day. Also, the quality of the light is not as good as later in the day. The lower the sun is in the sky, the softer and more beautiful light. The best light is closer to sunset.

How much time is needed?

I need a minimum of 2 hours for the getting ready part of the day. If you have a large bridal party, add more time. If you want to have both the bride’s and the groom’s preparations photographed, add even more time. Things can’t be forced and sometimes I need a lot of time to just wait for the right moment. They just don’t happen on a schedule. Your photographer isn’t lazy. If he or she just stands silently in a corner watching what unfolding, via the viewfinder, they are waiting for that decisive moment when to press the shutter.

A first look can be 10 minutes or an hour. It depends on how much time you want to add for creative photos. Calculate with at least 30 min in your wedding day timeline. An additional hour for bridal party photos and family formals is needed, especially if you don’t have any timeslot for that during cocktail hour.

Example Timeline

10.00 I arrive and start photographing the venue. After that, I go to the bride and shoot the details such as the invitation stationery, rings, shoes, jewelry, the dress etc.

11.00 I start photographing the groom prep, approximately 30 minutes.

11.30 I go to the bride’s room and document the bride prep, hair and makeup and the bridesmaids typically make a toast.

12.30 Dress on! The bridesmaids fully ready and helps the bride get into the dress. The bride then puts on jewelry and shoes. Here’s the ideal time to photograph a few bridal portraits!

13.00 First look with bride and groom and a short creative session.

13.30 Bridal party photos with bride and groom

14.30 Family formals

If you have a large bridal party add 30 more minutes. If you plan to have more than 5-6 family formal photos done, add 30 more minutes.

Next time I’ll get a bit more into explaining how I plan and shoot the rest of the day when I start early. There will be a follow up with an example wedding day timeline when you opt not to have a first look and schedule the bridal party photos and family formals later in the day. Download the free template here!

Want to read more tips from me, you might want to check this out Why I Love Outdoors Weddings

xoxo, Isabelle

Bridesmaids dressed in pink gowns with the bride having fun.


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Elegant Summer Wedding Grand Hôtel Stockholm


Join me for an elegant summer wedding Grand Hôtel in downtown Stockholm. Stockholm is my hometown and no place I rather be during the magic summer months. This elegant Nigerian-Swedish summer wedding where city meets nature was such an extraordinary event and my darling couple, Sara and Visiri, was a delight to work with.

Sara and Visiri showed as much as possible of the beautiful city of Stockholm during the 3-day event.

The wedding ceremony was traditional and held in the gothic revival architecture church Oscar’s Kyrkan. The couple chose this church because of its beauty, perfect location, and near distance to the reception at Grand Hôtel.

The Grand Hôtel opened the doors to guests in 1874 and ever since then has it been a resort to the stars, the royals and the glitz and glam. It sits just across from the Palace and has a spectacular view over the many waterways, as well as over Old Town. Naturally. This was the number one choice for my clients as they welcomed 220 guests for their downtown Stockholm nuptials.

Read more from the lovely bride below. She talks a bit more in-depth about planning a destination wedding in Stockholm and she has some great advice you all don’t want to miss.

xoxo, Isabelle

Ps. Swedish peeps, scroll down!! The surprise of the evening was Doctor Alban – live on stage!

View over Old Town in StockholmIda Lanto couture wedding gownWhite Kate Spade Bridal Shoes with large bowOrganic bridal bouquet in blush garden roses and eucalyptusBride getting ready at Grand Hotel StockholmMakeup preparations for the wedding at Grand Hotel StockholmGrand Hotel Stockholm WeddingCathedral veilGrand Hotel Stockholm Wedding PreparationsBride reading card at the bridal suite at Grand Hotel StockholmBridesmaids helping the bride put on her Ida Lanto wedding gownSophia More Bridesmaids dressesBröllop i Oscarskyrkan Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography.Bröllop i Oscarskyrkan Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography.Bröllop i Oscarskyrkan Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography. Bröllop i Oscarskyrkan Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography. Bride and groom exiting Oscars kyrkan after the wedding ceremonyNewlyweds outside Oscars Kyrkan StockholmOscars KyrkanHorse and carriage Bride and groom waving farewell outside Oscars kyrkanNewlyweds with horse and carriage StockholmBride and groom with two white horsesBride and groom walking at DjurgårdenBride with her bridesmaids WaldemarsuddeWedding party portraits Waldemarsudde Bride and groom share a kiss Waldemarsudde Groom with all of his nine groomsmen WaldemarsuddeBridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets in blush and sage green Bride with all of her eight bridesmaids Waldemarsudde Bröllop på Grand Hotel Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography. Groom laughing and joking with groomsmen Waldemarsudde Bröllop på Grand Hotel Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography. Bröllop på Waldemarsudde Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography. brudpar på Waldemarsudde Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography.Waldemarsudde bröllopsbilder Bröllopsfoto Waldemarsudde Grand Hotel Stockholm Wedding seating chartBröllop på Grand Hotel Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography. Welcome speaches Grand Hotel Stockholm Wedding Bröllopsfoto solnedgång Skeppholmen sunset photos bride and groom Grand Hotel StockholmBröllop på Grand Hotel Stockholm fotograferat av 2 Brides Photography. Brudparet promenerar hand i hand i solnedgång utanför Grand Hotel StockholmStockholms bästa bröllopsfotograf brudparet i solnedgång Grand Hotel Stockholms bästa bröllopsfotograf brudparet iGolden Hour photos Skeppsholmen Bride and groom kiss in the sunset Old Town StockholmStockholms bästa bröllopsfotograf brudparet i solnedgång Grand Hotel Grand Hotel Stockholm Wedding Bröllop på Grand Hotel Stockholm boka bröllopsfotograf 2 Brides Photography.


From the Bride:

We got married in the gorgeous city of Stockholm during the warm and summery August. Stockholm is where I am from and where most of my family lives. My husband is British/Nigerian and the Nigerian tradition says that the marriage shall take place in the bride’s village.

We choose Stockholm partly because of that (although not a village), but perhaps more because of our love for it, Stockholm is such a beautiful city!

We wanted to show the Nigerian and the British side of the family where the groom is from. Incorporation the Swedish culture, nature where the bride is from. It was a great success! We did explore a number of other venues including castles. But a limiting factor was that the Nigerian side of our family is large especially for Swedish standards.

Most alternative venues had ‘limited’ capacities of about 70 or 80 guests. The Grand Hôtel was our given venue. Not only because it could accommodate 220 guests which we required, but for its fantastic situation by the waterfront opposite the Royal Castle. We had more than half of the guests flying in so we wanted to have our wedding in a convenient location by the water and to elegant and timeless. Yet taking travel and distance into consideration.

I love horses. So to include horses in one way or another was part of making the wedding personal and us!

To balance the whole horse and carriage transport from church, we arrived at the reception in a vintage classic car. One of the groom’s favorites. Guests enjoyed boat rides around the city. Exploring the Swedish cuisine, nightclubbing, botanical gardens. Combined with overall feeling the city vibes as a large culture and music festival was taking place in Stockholm during the wedding weekend.

We had the wedding ceremony in the afternoon as we wanted to have a reception followed by evening dinner. The time of the wedding ceremony will determine options for dress code. At least if following the British and Swedish etiquette. This is important to bear in mind when planning your wedding day. We didn’t want guests to have to change after the wedding ceremony. Therefore we had black tie optional as dress code.

The sunset in Stockholm at this time of the year is around 8.30 pm. So later during the dinner, we sneaked out to take some additional photos by the waterfront. As you may know, during early summer in Sweden it never gets dark in the night. But late August it does so we were lucky!

I loved my large and wild drop shaped bridal bouquet. Even though at times heavy to carry. It had various types of English roses, scabiosa, eucalyptus and cosmos flowers. My cousin is an amazing florist and she helped us with all our flower arrangements.

We incorporated a few ethnic traditions and customs from Nigeria in our celebrations. Before starting the dinner my husband’s aunts sang a very beautiful song in the Yoruba language, which is one of many languages spoken in Nigeria. We also received a prayer and blessings from our Nigerian side of the family before sitting down starting the dinner.

A fun Swedish tradition that was completely new to many of our guests. When either groom or bride go to the bathroom, all guests of the opposite sex line up to kiss the bride/groom. This resulted in a lot of laughter when I went to the bathroom! Another typical thing for Sweden is to have multiple planned and precisely scheduled speeches. Our wedding was no exception. Mixed with some more spontaneous speeches from the non-Swedish side. This made for a great combination!

The Swedish/Senegalese band Sousou and Maher Cissoko to played during cocktail hour. They have a kora duo band and the kora is often referred to as “the African harp”. Sousou and Maher are not only incredible artists and musicians. They also symbolize the two parts we wanted to bring together: Scandinavia and West Africa.

Our reception dinner was in the Grand Hôtel Hall of Mirrors, which is a magnificent ballroom decorated in gold, white and red. The room has four large mirror doors on either side, beautiful ceiling paintings and two giant chandeliers with gold-coated arms.

We had a dance group performing after our wedding waltz. They did a choreography mixing Caribbean- and African songs. It was a great hit and the audience was thrilled! Apart from that, we had the artist Dr. Alban as a “secret guest” coming in. Everyone knows his music and when he sang “Sing Hallelujah” and “Its My Life” we through the roof would fly off the building! Even all the old aunties and uncles were up dancing at this moment!

Another surprise for us was a tribute the dancehall/reggae artist Roshaun Clarke (more known as Bay-z from T.O.K) performed. Roshaun is a friend to us, a producer, writer and singer and also married to one of our bridesmaids. His performance with plenty of good energy was a much appreciated at the late hours! guests are still of today talking about it.

The best idea with having a destination wedding in Stockholm was to be able to unite us and our families in a memorable way. To involve small details and put together traditions from both cultures in a remarkable place. This was the red thread running through the entire planning process. An example was to put handmade arts and craft from both countries into the goodie bags as a memory.

Our best advice to future brides and grooms of destination weddings is to consider the distance to the destination and costs of getting there. If too far away it may limit the number of guests coming (which can be both good and bad depending what you are looking for). We had a website with all important information which was helpful. Our most important advice would be to find a good wedding planner. To make sure the wedding planner understands the full scope of your wedding. Both from a local perspective but also even more important to be experienced in handling foreign guests. This means everything from using modern admin tools and level of written language, to understand the extra services needed by guests visiting a country for the first time.

One of the many wonderful memories of the wedding was when we said the vows and exchanged the rings. But also when we went by horse and carriage to the photo shoot destination. It was a ride of 20-30 minutes. My sweet sisters had packed together a basket of sweeties, snacks, water to drink and a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate! This was a wonderful time for us to enjoy what just had happened (we were married!!) We could relax a little, see the beautiful city on that day. Everyone on the streets greeted us, waved at us and wished us all the best. This is a very enjoyable memory! Much recommended as the day otherwise passes so fast. It is good to schedule a little time for just quality time together.

If we are allowed to say one more thing it would be our first dance. We had practiced the waltz long before the wedding and both were a little nervous if we would remember the choreography. And if we could make all the steps we had practiced as I would be wearing my wedding gown. But, it felt like a dream, we nailed it, and our guests and family were overjoyed to see this.

It was great fun to work with you Isabelle! The portraits session, despite the wind/storm by the ocean, everything went very well! We fully trusted you. It was sweet of you to help us with ideas of “poses”: how to hold hands so rings are shown, and a little bit where to stand or where to look. It helped really! Me (the bride) especially enjoyed having Isabelle in the hotel room when getting ready as she is just super cool and created a relaxed atmosphere. I also would like to add that my mother complimented you for dressing nicely and suitable for the occasion, which she found important to “blend in” among the guests and not stand out as the “camera team”.

2 Brides Photography was the right pick for us because they shoot amazing pictures in all various weather conditions & light!

Isabelle is extremely time efficient and are 120% professional and don’t compromise on the quality. Sticking to the program and a fantastic problem solver!

Venue Grand Hôtel | Floral design Trendfloristerna | Bridal Gown & Veil Ida Lanto | Bride’s Shoes Ted Baker London  | Groom’s Attire Ozwald Boateng | Bridesmaids Dresses Sofia Moore | MUA  In Care Of Anna | Entertainment Doctor Alban & Sousou & Maher Cissoko kora band |  Videographer Rickard Croy Media | Invitations The Wedding Store | Coordination Services Fest & Bröllopsagenturen

For more Stockholm weddings you might want to check this out!

  1. Martina

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    Åhhhhh magiskt!

  2. isabelle

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    Tack snälla för dina underbart fina ord!!
    xx, Isabelle

  3. Tove Lundquist

    April 1st, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Vilket fantastiskt bröllop! Ljuvliga bilder som vanligt Isabelle!

  4. isabelle

    April 1st, 2018 at 5:35 pm

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to look and to write this lovely comment Tove <3

  5. Charlotte Lundqvist

    April 1st, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Vilka vackra bilder!

  6. isabelle

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    Heaps of thanks for the kind words Charlotte!!

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    Så fint!! Underbart som alltid!

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    Thank you for the kind comment, makes me so happy! xx

  9. Hampus

    April 1st, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Amazing Job Isabelle! Spectacular light, composition and overall photos to remember what clearly seems to have been a spectacular day 🙂 (sidenote: really love the shot outside the church with the veil blowing in the wind)

  10. isabelle

    April 1st, 2018 at 5:31 pm

    Millions of thanks Hampus for the lovely feedback, makes my heart sing!

  11. Lena

    April 1st, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    Outsanding as per usual.

  12. isabelle

    April 1st, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Many, thanks Lena, means a whole lot to me coming from you!

  13. Alvin

    April 1st, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    Beautifully Captured!! From the details, to the wind blowing to the love you see shared between the two of them. Perfection!

  14. isabelle

    April 1st, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    Aww thank you so much for the kind words Alvin! 🙂

  15. craig williams

    April 2nd, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    So well captured. Beautiful sunset images.

  16. isabelle

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    Thank you!!

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Top 3 wedding cake bakers in Stockholm Who Makes Delicious Pastries

Top 3 wedding cake bakers in Stockholm Who Makes Delicious Pastries

Looking for wedding cake bakeries in Stockholm? There are so many to choose from. But how do you find the right one for you? When it comes to finding the perfect wedding cake bakery, the sky is the limit. I mean there are so many different appetizing flavors. I love chocolate and raspberries and salty caramel fudge but I also love lemon, strawberries, and basil. And it has to be moist! A dry wedding cake would be a disaster in my opinion!

How do you know which flavors that go together?

Well, I think meeting up with a really good wedding cake baker will help you solve your problem. They know all flavors and how well they mix and blend together. They also know the not so obvious combinations, like earl grey and white chocolate wedding cake, doesn’t that sound surprisingly good?

Here are my best tips on wedding cake bakers in Stockholm. There are many other really good wedding cake bakers in the rest of Sweden. But since I am based in Stockholm I want to give you my top 3 local favorite wedding cake bakers.


  1. Cake Art – Liv Sandberg. Liv is an artist. She is mentioned in several International cake magazines as one of the best wedding cake artists in the world. She’s an innovator and a winner of several International competitions in cake bakery and sugar flower design. Her cake doesn’t only look beautiful they taste amazing. I know since I had several opportunities to eat her gorgeous and well-tasting cakes. Liv at Cake Art delivers cakes to all of Sweden but she is based in Stockholm. Liv created the cake in the photo above.
  2. Gourmandise – If you prefer a little bit of a French touch I suggest you check out your Gourmandise. Gourmandise is a French cafe & pastry shop and they have been in business since the early nineties. Run by a family with a big passion for French pastries and baking, they can make any wedding cake dream come true. You can also visit them and have a coffee and a piece of cake at their beautiful cafe on the Östermalm.
  3. Naked Cake – Naked Cake is a wedding cake baker and cafe in Nacka. Specializing in naked cakes with a huge love for creating something different. They are also a totally gluten-free bakery,  so even if you are intolerant to gluten you can still get a really delicious wedding cake. Gluten will never be missed. You can try their cakes in their newly renovated space in Sickla.

Happy cake eating, Isabelle

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