Mar 25, 2018

Top 3 wedding cake bakers in Stockholm | Delicious Pastries

Top 3 wedding cake bakers in Stockholm Who Makes Delicious Pastries

Top 3 wedding cake bakers in Stockholm Who Makes Delicious Pastries

Looking for wedding cake bakeries in Stockholm? There are so many to choose from. But how do you find the right one for you? When it comes to finding the perfect wedding cake bakery, the sky is the limit. I mean there are so many different appetizing flavors. I love chocolate and raspberries and salty caramel fudge but I also love lemon, strawberries, and basil. And it has to be moist! A dry wedding cake would be a disaster in my opinion!

How do you know which flavors that go together?

Well, I think meeting up with a really good wedding cake baker will help you solve your problem. They know all flavors and how well they mix and blend together. They also know the not so obvious combinations, like earl grey and white chocolate wedding cake, doesn’t that sound surprisingly good?

Here are my best tips on wedding cake bakers in Stockholm. There are many other really good wedding cake bakers in the rest of Sweden. But since I am based in Stockholm I want to give you my top 3 local favorite wedding cake bakers.


  1. Cake Art – Liv Sandberg. Liv is an artist. She is mentioned in several International cake magazines as one of the best wedding cake artists in the world. She’s an innovator and a winner of several International competitions in cake bakery and sugar flower design. Her cake doesn’t only look beautiful they taste amazing. I know since I had several opportunities to eat her gorgeous and well-tasting cakes. Liv at Cake Art delivers cakes to all of Sweden but she is based in Stockholm. Liv created the cake in the photo above.
  2. Gourmandise – If you prefer a little bit of a French touch I suggest you check out your Gourmandise. Gourmandise is a French cafe & pastry shop and they have been in business since the early nineties. Run by a family with a big passion for French pastries and baking, they can make any wedding cake dream come true. You can also visit them and have a coffee and a piece of cake at their beautiful cafe on the Östermalm.
  3. Naked Cake – Naked Cake is a wedding cake baker and cafe in Nacka. Specializing in naked cakes with a huge love for creating something different. They are also a totally gluten-free bakery,  so even if you are intolerant to gluten you can still get a really delicious wedding cake. Gluten will never be missed. You can try their cakes in their newly renovated space in Sickla.

Happy cake eating, Isabelle

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