Vidbynäs, A Place To Call Home


Vidbynäs Wedding Vidbynäs Wedding Vidbynäs Wedding Vidbynäs Wedding Vidbynäs Wedding Vidbynäs Wedding


Vidbynäs is one of those places you keep coming back to. We have had the pleasure to photograph a couple of weddings at this venue so we decided to book it for our yearly kick off. We really love this place! Not only because of the amazing CEO Maria Ahlin, and not only because of the awesome food and gorgeous setting. No, because Vidbynäs feels like visiting an old friend. A very interesting, kind and good old friend. Everything from how you are greeted when you arrive to the super attentive impeccable service you get and the feeling that nothing is impossible.

Vidbynäs is a place who takes care of their guests as if they were family, the mood, atmosphere and the food is just SO good. Speaking about food, we ate one of the best vegetarian menus ever and the chef was kind enough to even come out to our table and talk about it with us. So this is definitely a place to check out if you are a vegetarian and looking for a venue that understands your needs.

Our little kick off was exactly as we wanted it to be and we are now filled with new energy and stoked to see what 2016 will bring. Many thanks to Maria Ahlin and wonderful staff for welcoming into their “home”. We can not recommend Vidbynäs enough, whether you are looking for a wedding venue or a place to restore strength and energy or hosting a conference.
Ciao, Sabina

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