My 2015 and Happy New Year


When a mountain becomes too great and high to climb, I tend to sit down in front of it and ponder instead of climbing it. That about sums up my feelings and thoughts when looking back at 2015. Much has happened, wonderful people passed by and touched me in one way or another. Setbacks have been mixed with accomplishments and I’ve learned a lot of things about myself, both good and bad. I’ve laughed, cried, been angry and laughed again. Travelled here, there, up, down and back again. The memories from this past year are many but one of my favourite moments is from a wedding we worked on at Rånäs Castle, outside of Norrtälje. Mainly because the bride and groom were just absolutely wonderful, but also because that day just had a great vibe and a perfect flow. It was relaxed and at the same time filled with so much love and laughter, like a perfect wedding day should be like. All about love, family and the relationships we have in our lives.

I appreciated my family and friends even a little bit more this year (yes, it actually possible !!) and I really focused on showing them how much I value having them in my life. I also came to the understanding that what I have is truly unique and special. 2 Brides Photography is extraordinary, to me. What I have together with Isabelle, my best friend and business partner, feels kind of like having this wonderful, headstrong, imaginative child. And it’s only ours. And I’m grateful for this amazing adventure we are experiencing together. Cant wait to see what 2016 brings and the people we will meet and the laughs we will share.

Hugs and Happy New Year, see you soon again 🙂


My 2015 and Happy New Year

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