Sep 17, 2015

Swedish Winter Wedding

Scandinavian Winter Wedding Kalmar

Our bride and groom, Johan and Anna got engaged in Marbella, a place that means a lot to them both. But even though the proposal took place on a hot summer day in Spain, they chose to have a winter wedding. And my, we are so happy they did. Anna and Johan’s Scandinavian winter wedding was gorgeous and frankly, one of the funniest weddings we’ve ever worked. We laughed until we cried, for real. A lot of Scandinavian weddings tend to have endless speeches, most of the not very funny, but all the speeches during Anna and Johan’s reception dinner was hilarious. Oh, and the film where the groom was kidnapped, flown to Poland and made to sing a Brice Springsteen song on some square in Warsaw, priceless. Well, as you might understand, this bride and groom are super fun to be around, has a great sense of humor  but most of all they’re just really good people. We honestly had the time of our lives shooting this wedding, and we’re pretty sure Anna and Johan had a great time too.

Thanks guys for letting us capture your day, it was epic.

Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0005Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0002 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0007 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0008Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0011Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0010Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0009Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0013Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0016Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0014Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0017Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0018Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0020Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0022Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0023Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0024Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0025Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0028Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0027Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0029Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0030

Bride’s favourite moment of the day: “When we got out of the church and everybody was chearing, amazing!!” Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0031 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0033Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0031Scandinavian Winter WeddingScandinavian Winter WeddingScandinavian Winter WeddingScandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0036Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0037Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0038Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0039Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0040Scandinavian Winter WeddingScandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0042Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0043
From the groom: 
“We wanted to have a big, happy and relaxed party where our guests could relax and enjoy themselves and some great food and wine. To us that was the perfect day and we feel we really nailed it.”

Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0044 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0045 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0046 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0048 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0049 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0050 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0051 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0052 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0054 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0055 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0056 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0057 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0058 Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0059Scandinavian-Winter-Wedding-2BridesPhotography-_0053



Wedding Gown: Ida Lanto // The Bride’s shoes: Heelow //  The Bride’s Jewellery: Lily & Rose  // Hair & Makeup: Jacobson Schmid //  The Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Bridesmaid Dresses: By Malina // The Groom’s outfit: Tiger of Sweden //  The Groom’s Watch: Omega Seamaster Deville 1962 //  Venue & Catering: Almars Gård // Entertainment: Sven-Erik Magnusson and Oscar Magnusson 

  1. […] till ett magiskt vinterbröllop i Karlstad och ni kan se fler bilder från deras bröllop på 2 Brides Photographys hemsida, varmt […]

  2. […] till ett magiskt vinterbröllop i Karlstad och ni kan se fler bilder från deras bröllop på 2 Brides Photographys hemsida, varmt […]

  3. Such beautiful work!! Love everything about this and all the emotion!

  4. Darren Gair says:

    Stunning coverage Isabelle! A wonderful wedding to be a part of, captured to perfection. Great work.

  5. Tobiah Tayo says:

    Great photographs – such a classy event. love that first dance photo at the end!

  6. That dress! What a stunning bride. Your work is simply beautiful.

  7. Sarah says:

    Their portraits are so dreamy and romantic, just beautiful!

  8. Jessie says:

    Your bride’s favorite moment is my favorite picture! Love the joy you captured. Beautiful work.

  9. James Fear says:

    OMG these stole my heart xxx

  10. Heather K says:

    I love those images with the bridal party- genuine smiles and laughter!!

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