Apr 16, 2014


Film photographer Isabelle Hesselberg


I have been blessed in so many ways and are aware of that each and every one of us had difficulties to overcome. So when Charlie Kingsland-Barrow asked me if she could interview me for her blog ”Everyday Happy” I felt it would be a good thing, and perhaps help others with a handicap or other obstacles to deal with. I really don’t like playing the handicap-card, it’s not who I am, but if I can inspire one person to pursue his or her dream, I’d play that card any day.

Charlie is a super woman, she is raising a family, writing books, running a sucsessful business as a film wedding photographer and she is a good, good person. She also writes really great stuff for motivating others and I follow her blog and really want to recommend you to to the same! Charlie lives in beautiful Cotswold countryside and her goal is to make people happy, everyday. How rad is that?

Thank you Charlie for doing such an incredible job by encouraging so many people by doing what you do, wish I had half of your strength and energy! http://www.ckbphotographyblog.com/inspirational-interviews-isabelle-hesselberg/

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