Jun 28, 2015

A Stockholm Spring Engagement Session | 2 Brides Photography

Whit these spring engagement photos in mind, I want to talk to you about your engagement images. Specifically, about how to find outfits, plan for, and prepare for your engagement session so you can get the most out of your pictures. I’m a massive fan of putting a lot of effort into preparing so you can get the best images.

Spring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm Forrest

Preparation & Planning

You want to put a lot of effort into your outfits. Because if you just walk out of your home in clothes that you wear every day, you’re really not taking advantage of the photos taken by a professional photographer whose work you are in love with. Honestly, if you wear a casual outfit, anybody with a phone could take your pictures.

If you wear a casual outfit and don’t want to make it really special, you will lose out big time. On the other hand, if you are really looking to have memorable and impactful engagement photos, it’s essential to step things up a notch and put more work into location, hair, makeup, outfits, and dress up a little bit or even a lot!


Spring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm ForrestSpring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm Forrest Spring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm Forrest


Dressing up in well-planned outfits in grand style is always beneficial. Trust me, it’ll show in your engagement photos. I have found that for the bride, a dress or a long skirt with a lot of movement and a fitted waist is very beautiful. The way to enhance the photos, the movement in the fabric looks amazing on camera. The motion also provides a lovely dynamic that’s really powerful. When a little bit of wind hits the material, it’s gorgeous. For women having something that is fitted at the waist, showing the shape will help flatter any woman.

Now, for the guys, listen up! I must repeatedly stress what they are doing wrong is not having clothes that fit them. Whether it’ll be a suit or just a pair of pants, many guys are coming to the engagement session in ill-fitting clothing. Mainly if you have pants or a suit jacket on that are too big for you. That is going to be very unflattering in the photos. It always looks so much better to take the time to tailor to your outfit, so it fits you perfectly. Find something that is not too baggy and still makes you feel comfortable and look amazing.

Another tip for guys is to make sure that if she’s in a formal gown, you’re not in shorts. Period. You need to find the right balance, so if she is in a gorgeous flowy dress, he should not be at opposite ends of the outfit spectra.



The Real Purpose Of Engagement Photos

If you are considering skipping an engagement session shoot, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. It’s not the end of the world, but you will see precisely why you should do an engagement session. It’s not solely about the photos; while those are absolutely lovely and helpful for your save-the-dates, having on your walls or using as wedding decor, it’s not the only purpose for this shoot.

Many couples think that it’s the only reason to do it, to get more photos of you together. It’s absolutely not. The fact that you get photos is secondary. The main reason for having an engagement session is that you genuinely get to know your wedding photographer.

If you don’t do an engagement shoot with them and you only ever talk over email, or Zoom, when they show up on your wedding day, they are going to be a stranger. You’re not going to feel nearly as comfortable with them as if you would if you spent an hour and a half with them for your engagement photos. Your photographer will feel like a friend and not a random vendor you hired for your wedding day.

Spring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm Forrest Spring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm Forrest Spring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm ForrestSpring Engagement Session in a Magical Stockholm Forrest

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