Dec 9, 2015

The Groom’s Style

Stylish Groom in black

The Groom’s Style

Many people think that a wedding day is all about the bride, and often forget to include the groom into the equation. While he may not be out shopping all over town for a suit or tuxedo for himself and his groomsmen, a groom’s style is as important to the wedding as it is the brides gown; men need to work their own identity into their suits as well so they feel and look as good as their fiancee on the big day. So, let’s talk about the groom’s style.


This may be the best way to incorporate a man’s style in with the suit that has been chosen; whether its wing tipped shoes or patent black leather shoes by Converse, shoes are always a great accessory. Don’t count out the cufflinks; if there are no cufflink heirlooms that will be used in the wedding, a bride should search online for cufflinks that perfectly represent her man, whether they are plain or even made of Lego. Pocket scarves and ties are a great way to incorporate a man’s favorite color (so long as it matches or is a complimentary color to the bridesmaid dresses), and fun socks like colorful argyle are a great addition.

The Groom's Style

Go Big or Go Home 

A growing trend recently (and with the help of the film The Great Gatsby) has been an art deco/1920’s look for men; dressed to the nines and ready to impress. To pull this off, the groom and his groomsmen will have to be the kind of men that really want to dress up and won’t mind layers because we’re talking three piece suits, top hats, jackets with tails, gloves, stickpins and more. Sick of The Great Gatsby theme? Done and over with already? Well, why don’t draw inspiration from more recent movies? We love for example the style of the Kray brothers in the oh so hot movie Legend, out in cinema’s right this now. Now that’s a sharp style for the groom.


Smart Casual 

Not every wedding is a black tuxedo formal. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of the smart casual look for weddings, where the groom and his groomsmen don some clothing they are probably much more comfortable in. These options can include jeans paired with wing tipped shoes, a button down and jacket, sweaters or cardigans instead of suit jackets for fall weddings, shorts for summer weddings, and sometimes even plaid button downs to add some color instead of the usual white dress shirt.

Think Color

Who said that all suits have to be black? If the bridesmaids are wearing a neutral color (don’t match bridesmaid dresses and grooms suits), a groom may be interested in adding a big pop of color with his suit. Popular colors for 2016 wedding trends and includes vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism. Or, if the groom and his men are feeling particularly brave, style each one with a different color. The groom’s style has endless possibilities, all it takes is some inspiration, bravery and cool ideas.


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