Feb 4, 2021

10 Amazing Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day

10 Amazing Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day

Here are 10 amazing tips to get the most out of your wedding day

Everyone says the wedding day goes by so fast in a beautiful blur. It’s true, and you really want to be present and be in the moment to fully be able to enjoy the day.

What you want is to spend quality time with your guests, am I right? Not feeling rushed, and definitely not waste time answering too many questions or flipping through your wedding day timeline looking for information for a vendor. This is your day to be blissfully surrounded by your tribe, who are there to celebrate you and your love!

So how the heck do you go about it? One thing is not to squeeze in too many events or happenings during the actual wedding day. Another is to minimize any type of transportation because that is one thing that could really mess with your desire to be a fabulous host or hostess. Read on for more amazing tips to get the most out of your wedding day!

10 Amazing Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day

My 10 amazing tips to get the most out of your wedding day.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Yep, you read it right. For a stress-free day and peace of mind, get a professional wedding planner to care for every detail. Not only will a wedding planner organize and coordinate the day of the wedding, but they will be on top of everything the months and weeks leading up to your big celebration. Meaning, you can savor time with guest knowing they will have a great experience.

Hire The Best Team

We have so many outstanding wedding professionals in Sweden, from hair and makeup to floristry, cake-making, styling, and entertainment. Take your time to make sure you select your dream team who understands your style and vibe. And take time to get to know them on a personal level beyond their artistic skills. You should surround yourself with people you would like to hang out with because you will spend a lot of time with them. They are the ones that will make your wedding dreams come true, so they should be flexible and accommodating as well as exceptionally talented, of course!

When your wedding vendors are experienced and know their jobs, they will work seamlessly and make everything unfold absolutely perfect. With your wedding planner overseeing every move, you are free to sip cocktails with your guests. And isn’t that what we’d all like to do anyway, really?

Meet The Vendors

Meeting your team of professionals before the wedding will cause the day to flow more easily. Make time even if you are super busy. You can discuss your expectations, give input on the timeline and make sure you are all on the same page. If you can’t meet in person, video chat works well too! Having photo and video-team come to your rehearsal or welcome dinner is an excellent way of breaking the ice, not only for your vendors but also for the guests. If they meet before the wedding day, everyone will be so much more relaxed and makes for better photos! (and video too!)

Host A Pre-wedding Event

This is a personal favorite of mine. A pre-wedding event like a rehearsal dinner or welcome drinks is excellent if you haven’t seen your guests for a while or have a large wedding. You can spend more time together and catch up so on the wedding day, you can continue more in-depth conversations or maybe just hit the dance floor and groove like you did in the old days. You can also choose to have some of the toasts and speeches on during this time, so wedding dinner time doesn’t drag out for hours. Remember that getting folks up on the dance floor after sitting for hours can be challenging. A shorter dinner will get the party started better–and sooner!

Have A Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

A wedding ceremony rehearsal is a great way to gain a feeling of confidence about the ceremony. For your bridal party and close family members, it will also help them chill out. Sometimes the small details like where to walk or how fast to walk worry bridesmaids, especially if it is their first wedding. 

Get Your Zen On With A Spa Treatment The Night Before

It is hard to get some shut-eye the night before you walk down the aisle to marry your person. But to have some chance of slipping into a deep sleep, a spa treatment is a great idea. Because it will relax your muscles and take away any tension you might be carrying around too. 

Pre-order Food And Drink 

Save time by pre-ordering a light and not-too-messy lunch with drinks for everyone to have while you are all getting ready. Let the venue staff know how many champagne glasses you need, and don’t forget the ice bucket and plenty of water. 

Delegate The Little Things

There are 101 things to do on the day, and it is impossible to do them all. Don’t be shy about delegating the small tasks to your bridal party and family members. 

10 Amazing Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day


Break-in those jewel-encrusted beauties well before the wedding day. While it will seem weird to walk around your house for an hour a day in your Jimmy Choos a month before the wedding, it will ensure they are comfortable later on. 

Give Up Your Phone

I know, I know, it’s not easy to disconnect. But if there was ever a day to give up the phone, it’s this one. As soon as you leave for the ceremony, just turn it off. Sure, there will be heaps of photos, videos, and messages to see, but you can relish in them the following day. Having your face stuck behind your iPhone is the worst idea ever and tell that to your guests too! You would want to see their happy smiles and the moment they wipe a tear from the eye. Right?  

I hope you have gained some clarity and delight in these ten tips. They will help you save time, relax, and truly appreciate your beautiful day to the fullest. I designed them to help you be prepared to spend quality time with your guests on the big day with limited interruptions and most important of all–NO pressure for time!

Your wedding guests will surely comment how smoothly and effortlessly the day flowed, (while of course, behind the scenes, the hard work has paid off).

10 Amazing Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day

Got questions? I’m here to answer them! Click the contact button below, and let’s talk! 


Need a wedding planner in Stockholm to help you with all of the above? Check out this article. I think you’d find it useful! Or need a wedding timeline template? I’ve got you covered!

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