May 19, 2020

14 Tips that Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding

14 Tips that a Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but not when you have the complete checklist of tips every bride should know before her wedding. There are a bunch of things that you need to arrange. If you’re currently preparing for your wedding in Sweden, this blog is a great source for all the secret tricks that you need to know.

14 Tips that Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding

Top Tips that You Should Know Before Your Wedding

Are you in the initial stage of planning your wedding, or are you dealing with the final touches? If you’re wondering if there’s something you may have missed, scroll down to check out the tips that you need to know to prepare well for your big day.

1. Engagement Ring Care

Nothing’s more fascinating than the sparkling beauty of that jewel in your ring finger! 

In case you forget to include it in your long list of to-dos’, here’s a reminder of how important it is to clean your engagement ring before your big day. Your wedding photographer will surely include this ring in your must-capture details, so you don’t want it to be covered with dirt! 

If you’re wondering how to DIY-clean your ring, my best tip is that you prepare a bowl of warm water, a drop of dish soap, and a soft toothbrush. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes, brush it clean, then rinse!

2. Splurge in Documentation

Do you know what wedding guests remember the most during your special day? Delicious food and good music! Do you know the best way to help them remember? Wedding photos, of course!

Your big day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You should hire a local Swedish wedding photographer who can capture your moments beautifully. After all, the flowers will fade, the cake will be devoured, but your wedding photos will remain forever! I know it’s been said a gazillion times before but it is by far my best tip to every bride.

3. Wedding Hashtag

Aside from adding a unique element to your celebration, a wedding hashtag is an interactive way to see the wedding from the perspective of your guests. 

Let your invitees know about your hashtag and ask them to use it for all the photos, videos, and stories that they’ll post. Your wedding videographer might have missed it, but Aunt Clara might have sneaked a video of your Uncle Noah’s fabulous dance moves!

4. Stay Comfortable!

We totally understand that you want your dress to accentuate your figure perfectly and highlight your best body features. While last-minute alteration is a must, don’t forget to consider your comfort for the whole day.

Ensure that after the dress modification, you can still sit without busting your gut!

5. Anti-Marks Tips Every Bride Should Know

The secret to flawless shoulder and back portraits? Ditch the bra in the morning of preparation!

Whether skimpy or not, a bra leaves ugly marks that easily show up in photos. As an alternative, you can use some nipple patches, instead!

6. Wedding Scent

According to psychology, there is a tight-knit link between scent and memory. Remember how the smell of pencils reminds you of your primary school years?

Utilize this psychology factor to your advantage by splurging on a unique scent for your wedding day! Anticipate that every time you wear this unique scent, you’ll be reminded of your celebration’s beautiful memories. 

7. Prep a Wedding Survival Kit

No matter how much you ‘perfectly’ plan your wedding, minor emergencies can still take place (sorry brides!). Don’t let these stuff ruin your day by preparing a kit of quick fixes!

Wedding survival kits mostly include safety pins, a stain remover pen, tampons, and a first aid kit.

8. Write your Vows Ahead of Time Tips Every Bride Should Know

The day itself is already filled with pressure, and the last thing you need is a last-minute vow to think about. Write your wedding vows ahead of time to ensure that the piece will turn out well. Your partner deserves to hear your beautiful and heart-warming promise, anyway!

9. Pack your Flats

Yup, those pointed heels look fabulous, but wearing them all day can feel painful AF. Treat yourself with a comfy alternative that you can put on during your reception. 

Don’t worry! There are ballet-style slippers or sophisticated sneakers that look glamorous and feel comfortable while you’re dancing the night away!

10. Plan a Pee-Strategy Tips 

Depending on the style of your dress, there are various techniques that you can do to make your bathroom break bearable. Whether it’s Ikea Bags, She Pees, or a little help from your bridesmaids, make sure that you’ll craft a clever pee-plan for your big day. No need to skip your margaritas!

11. RSVP Cards

Encourage your guests to be an interactive part of your wedding by subtly asking their music choices. Urge them to request their favorite songs by leaving a ‘Song Request’ line in your RVSP cards.

Because once their music starts playing, expect them to be super excited!

12. Reception Takeout

With all the hugs and congratulations, there’s a possibility that you won’t have enough time to enjoy the menu which you meticulously planned. To deal with this matter, ask your caterer to pack a meal that you can eat later. No need to stop by McDonald’s after the party!

13. Honeymoon Lists Tips Every Bride Should Know

To create a fuss-free honeymoon planning, prepare two checklists: the first list is the Things to Pack, and the other is the Things to Bring Home

The first list is essential in ensuring that you have everything you need during your post-wedding getaway. The next checklist is necessary to make sure that heading back home is stress-free. 

14. Don’t Please Everyone

Maybe the most important tip is that you do YOU. Most of the time, a wedding inevitably becomes a family affair with tons of ideas thrown around! Perhaps, your grandma insists that you wear that old-fashioned dress she wore during her wedding 60 years ago. Or maybe, your Aunt Stella asks you to fill your guest list with people you don’t even know!

To keep everything under control, don’t forget that it’s YOUR wedding and it’s fine not to please everyone. It’s your day, and it is okay to do WHATEVER makes you happy! To heck with the rest (kind of, LOL).

Happy wedding planning!

xo, Isabelle

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