May 11, 2020

Video Interview With Me | Isabelle Hesselberg

Good Monday morning everyone! Curious about who I am, my process and approach to photography? Well, now’s your chance! I’m thinking since you all are probably getting tired of Netflix right? Haha. Well, I was recently interviewed on the Love Light Fine Art Photography Podcast and dang, that was fun!

Everyone who’s ever met me knows I can talk about photography, specifically film photography, for days. Because I am utterly and totally immersed and in love with the way it makes me feel when I create. Photographing with film is a passion of mine and if you want to learn more about that and my journey as a film shooting wedding photographer then watch the video below.

If you have any questions at all you are always welcome to ask them in the comments or simply send me an email. Oh, and please do let me know what you think about the video. It’s SO awkward to see myself, not to mention hearing myself, haha, so I appreciate your input. Lemme know!

For more interviews and useful stuff head over to the Love Light, Fine Art photo community to learn more! Thank you, Sarah-Jane, for having me on your podcast!

xo, Isabelle



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