Oct 28, 2023

20 Wedding Entertainment Ideas – How To Keep Wedding Guests Happy


Here Are 20 Inspirational Ways to Entertain To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

Looking for inspirational wedding entertainment ways to keep guests happy? Whether you’re planning a micro wedding or a big celebration, one thing you’ll need is entertainment! The guests’ experience and the wedding entertainment is something that more and more couples really put a lot of emphasis on. And for all the right reasons! How to keep your guests happy and entertained holds the key to whether your wedding will be fun, the talk of the town, and absolutely unforgettable!

So, how is wedding planning going? With all that’s going on, you must be having the time of your lives or…. realizing that 2021 is a wash too, so pushing to 2022. Planning a wedding during this pandemic is nothing short of interesting. You’ll have to be flexible and prepare for a lot of unforeseen things. But, if you haven’t decided on what type of entertainment you would like on your big day, I have a couple of ideas that you can steal!

Entertainment for any wedding should include music, food, drinks, and other fun activities. Activities or happenings will make your celebration lively and with a good flow. So, what do you have planned for your wedding entertainment? I rounded up 20 entertainment ideas that you can include to keep your guests happy. All while I capture the real emotions and moments you’ll want to relive again and again.

Casino Table

A Casino table where guests can have fun Vegas-styled? Count me in! This is an excellent idea for both large and micro weddings. It’ll bring glitz and glam to your event, making it memorable for all who attend. You don’t even have to ask people to come with money as there are plenty of cashless options. So, hire one and get ready to have fun playing roulette wheels, poker, or whatever else you fancy. Your guests will love it!

Arcade Games

Why stop at just Casinos? Rent an arcade game setup and let your guests have even more fun at your celebration. You can have competitions where everyone takes part and even give prices. It’ll be fun, and there’ll be lots of laughter.

Live Band

As mentioned earlier, music is a vital part of your wedding entertainment. You can go further by doing a live accompaniment to your first dance. Hire a big band to perform or go with a solo musician. The results will be a moment so unique that you’ll remember it vividly for years to come. Your wedding guests will treasure the happy and sentimental moment!


If you don’t want to have a live band, you could opt for a DJ instead. DJs are a great alternative because they’ll bring the party to your event. They can also double as your MC while monitoring the mood at your event. One reason why having a DJ at your event may be worth it is that guests can make requests. They’ll have an extensive library of music which will undoubtedly have the tune your friend has requested. Picture how happy they’ll be to dance to it when the DJ puts it on.


Don’t let the love between you both be the only magic at your wedding. Hire a magician to perform too. They are always a hit at weddings, and people love it when they go round tables to perform tricks. They are also great conversation starters and can bring spectacular air to your wedding. This is such a fabulous idea to keep wedding guests thoroughly entertained and happy.

Circus Performer

This unique wedding entertainment idea will amaze your guests and keep them talking about your wedding long after. You can even go beyond getting one circus performer. How about fire breathers, jugglers, sword swallowers, and aerial performers? This is one of my personal favorites, isn’t this unique and inspirational? Such a fun way to entertain and keep your wedding guests cheering.


A big fireworks display is a great way to celebrate your union. This idea is great for bringing your wedding reception to a close. You could hire a company to put up a fantastic display for you. It’ll get everyone together in awe one last time before you all have to go home. No better way to end a remarkable wedding, and your guests will be wowed!

Photo Booth

There is a lovely nostalgia that comes with having a photo booth at a wedding. It reminds most people of the funfairs they attended as kids. The props also bring out a playful side of your guests you wouldn’t see otherwise. Photo booths also come with the added advantage of being conversation starters and give guests an immediate wedding favor to take home. Create a beautiful corner with flowers or a custom backdrop with your names, it will be unforgettable!

Disposable Cameras

I mean no one loves film photos more than I but I think since you are here, you do too! A disposable camera or two on each of your wedding tables invites guests to capture the unexpected themselves. This idea also centers on having photos of guests at your wedding but rest assured that I will capture the candid photos you want so you can enjoy your memorable day. 

Chocolate Fountain

Cater to your sweet tooth and that of your guests with a chocolate fountain. It’s an excellent idea for the food part of your wedding entertainment. It works beautifully as a dessert table, and many companies have huge ones you can hire. Pair it with fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, and even marshmallows, cake pops, and Oreos.

Hire A Watercolor Artist

This is another lovely idea that gifts your wedding guests a favor to take home. Have a watercolor artist paint beautiful pieces of guests starting with you, the couple. It’ll be a unique way for guests to remember your wedding and an awesome wedding favor!

Video Booth

A video booth is a chance for your guests to drop some gems and can be super fun. Even if you have a professional videographer, from my team film your wedding, this will be an additional way to save your guest’s congratulation in a more informal style. Have your guests drop some words they’d like you to hear in pairs or alone.


Maybe not for everyone but who doesn’t love a chance to have fun with a karaoke? Make the one at your wedding more fun by including prizes and your favorite songs. You can choose a few people to get the party started and have a set number of lively singalong songs from which guests can choose.

Dry Ice Machine

If you’ve ever seen a first dance where it looks like the couple is twirling on clouds, that’s the work of a dry ice machine. You can have the same for your wedding, too. This will certainly make your first dance more magical and give you incredible pictures of that moment.

Professional Dancers

A professional dance troupe can entertain your guests as part of your reception. There are many options to choose from, and most can do any genre of dance. If you want to celebrate a particular culture at your wedding, have them do the traditional dance from that part of the world your wedding entertainment.

Wish Lanterns

Light up the night sky with your guests as your wedding celebrations draw to a close. You can start the show by flying a paper lantern up with your spouse, and then all of your guests can join in. It’ll look breathtaking in your photos. Don’t forget to make sure that the day is not too windy and that your wedding venue is okay with you using them.

Custom Puzzle

Photos displayed at a wedding are an impressive addition to the wedding décor. You can take it a step further and have some of your pictures turned into an interactive puzzle for entertainment. Your guests can form teams to assemble them while you have your photo session. It’s a great cocktail hour activity.

Indoor Fireworks Display

Cold sparkles are another fantastic invention that you can use to make your first dance more special. Or when the trays of shots are brought in! Light up your reception with cold sparkles and give your guests a reason to be excited. Cold sparkles are of my personal wedding entertainment ideas, it looks rad in photos.

Video Montage

A video montage on a jumbo screen is a great way to grab your guest’s attention at your wedding reception. You can start with a slideshow of your engagement photos or even go as far back as childhood pictures. Add a lovely song to it, and you’ll get an emotional video that your guests will love. A note of warning here, do not pause the festivities to watch it. Have it displayed at the entrance or similar otherwise you’ll risk slowing the pace and lose the fun.

Culinary Show & Professional Bartender

From fresh mozzarella to a sushi master setting things up beautifully, a culinary show might be just what your wedding entertainment needs. It would add a touch of class to your event while giving your guests a sensory stimulation they’ll remember for a while. You also don’t have to stop with food. How about hiring a bartender who knows how to pull some tricks? It’ll certainly spice up the cocktail hour and, by extension, your wedding experience.

Hope these 20 inspirational ways to entertain will keep wedding guests happy! I know that I’d be thrilled as a guest or photographer with all of these options!Happy planning, Isabelle

When planning your wedding, consider asking your guests to unplug to ensure they are fully present. Read my tips on how to make that happen. 

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