Apr 22, 2018

5 beautiful Wedding Bouquets For Spring To Be Inspired By

Wedding season is about to go into high gear, and one of my favorite things to capture on a wedding day is the wedding bouquet. So today, I’m sharing five beautiful wedding bouquets for spring to get inspired by.

Spring wedding bouquet with pops of colors in rust cream and blu

This wedding bouquet with pops of colors in rust cream and blush would be perfect for a spring wedding. Wheater you like a white and green bouquet or a lush, colorful bouquet, there are a few things to think about.

  1. Are your favorite flowers in season?
  2. Perhaps the exact shade of a particular flower won’t be available, have a plan B?
  3. Think about how dense the bouquet will be, and you will be carrying it for a large portion of the day

Wedding bouquet with large garden roses in soft blush pastels

For spring, all tones of soft pastels are flattering and fitting to the season. It also doesn’t steal all the attention from the bride. A bouquet is something that should accentuate the brides but not take over.

Asymmetric white wedding bouquet with touches of green foliage

For the fashion-forward bride, an asymmetric white wedding bouquet with touches of green foliage.

Wedding bouquet with wild berries and pops of red and purple

Why not add wild berries and pops of red to your bouquet?

Cascading drop shaped wedding bouquet in white and green

The shape of the bouquet can vary; my favorite form is an asymmetric shape with a natural feel. Let the blooms be a bit free and not too tightly bound. This cascading drop-shaped wedding bouquet in green and white stole my heart, so classy!

Flowers In Season

  • Cherry Blossoms – Sweden.
  • Poppies – Italy.
  • Tulips – Holland.
  • Sunflowers – France.
  • Edelweiss – Switzerland.
  • Hydrangeas – Portugal.
  • Lavender – France.

Which bouquet do you love the most? If you liked this, you might want to check out this gorgeous wedding with lush blooms and a stunner of a wedding bouquet. Large loral arrangements will enhance any wedding. I highly encourage you to have a generous enough budget for flower installments.

xoxo, Isabelle

The floral designers featured in this article: The Wild Rose | Lily Paloma | Fanny Staaf Events | Al Blanc Atelier | Trendfloristerna

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