Jun 3, 2018

Planning A Wedding In The Stockholm Archipelago | 2 Brides Photography

Now it’s soon a new wedding season! I’m revealing my favorite wedding venues in the Stockholm archipelago! Doesn’t it sound excellent with a wedding in the Stockholm archipelago? Well then, read on to learn more.


Planning A Wedding In The Stockholm Archipelago.

Wedding in Stockholm Archipelago

What To Think About When Planning A Wedding In Stockholm Archipelago

1. Transportation

There are a few but essential things to consider when having a wedding in the Stockholm archipelago. First and foremost, transportation. How are the guests going to get to and from your wedding? Going by boat is the only option. Can every guest get on and off the ship? Will the boat you hire is easy enough to hop on and off for wedding guests with high heels. Also, think of the elderly guests. Is the ship capable of taking care of guests in, for example, a wheelchair? There are several boat rental companies you can check out. I have listed a few of the trusted one I have worked with here:

Boat Charter Companies In Stockholm

Hyr Bat Nu

Stockholm Charter

Batcharter Stockholm


2. Setup & Decor

Another important factor when planning your wedding in the Stockholm archipelago is the setup and decor at your venue. You will most likely need a wedding planner or wedding coordination that will help you with the setup and the decorations. Ask the venue coordinator if they handle the decor and setup and if they also take care of the cleaning up after the wedding is over. If your venue does not have a wedding coordinator, you might want to hire a wedding planner who makes sure everything is ready when you and your guests arrive. But who will also take care of the cleaning up and transporting all the decor back to the mainland?


3. Where Will You & Your Guests Stay

Many of the islands in the Stockholm archipelago are small. Not all of the wedding venues in the Stockholm archipelago has a hotel on site. So, where will you and your guests stay? I have listed a couple of wedding venues in the Stockholm archipelago that offers accommodation.

J:s Tornvilla

Waxholms Hotell

Sandhamns Hotell

Hotell Blå Blom



Säby Säteri


If your venue does not have any accommodation, you would have to arrange transportation from the island when the party ends. You can book taxi boats on specific time slots to come and pick people up. Here you can find boat taxi companies that might suit your needs.

Gustafs Taxibåt-Båttaxi-Sjötaxi Stockholm

Water Taxi

Stockholm Sjotaxi


4. Venues For a Wedding In The Stockholm Archipelago

If you are okay with not having accommodation on the island, I can tell you about a couple of wedding venues in the Stockholm archipelago that I have worked at. Make sure the suggested venues match your style and expectations. A good thing would be to visit the venue a year before your wedding to see how it looks like and feels at that time of year. Many archipelago wedding venues are open all year round, but some of them might be closed during winter.


Dalarö Skans

First up is the magic Dalarö Skans, situated just outside of Vaxholm. A perfect little getaway for an intimate archipelago wedding, still very close to the mainland. Dalarö Skans offers magical sunset during dinner in the glasshouse, and you have the island totally to yourselves. Besides, the food is top-notch, and the courtyard by the fortress is overlooking the entrance to Dalarö, the lighthouse, and you can continue the party in the old barn and dance into the wee hours.


This pretty island is the quintessential archipelago summer dream. Marholmen is like no other place in Sweden. The moment you come across the bridge, a new world opens up. The archipelago hotel is still very new. The hotel, located right on the pier near the water in the Stockholm archipelago, was completed in 2015, and no expenses were spared.

Gålö Havsbad

Gålö Havsbad is a peaceful resort in the Stockholm archipelago. Positioned just around the corner from a gorgeous beach, it is viewing the local farmers’ fields and the lush forest with its abundant wildlife. The cute houses are scattered in the nationally protected forest. In the summer season, Gålö is filled with laughter, and you can find guests both from Sweden and abroad. However, after a long day out in nature or Stockholm City, they will provide a relaxing and peaceful environment. At Gålö, You can explore the Swedish countryside and the archipelago only 30 min. Drive away from Stockholm.

Fredriksborgs Hotel

Fredriksborg Hotel is a hidden gem! Fredriksborg Hotel was built in 1751. It was designed by one of Sweden’s most influential architects, Carl Hårleman, who is most famous for the completion and interior of Stockholm Castle. In total there are ten rooms in the main building. Another five bedrooms are in the officer’s residence. In 2015 it was rebuilt into new charming hotel rooms. The rooms are on the ground floor, all with exits to the large terrace facing the sea.


Hopefully, this will be an excellent resource for brides planning a wedding in the Stockholm archipelago and our beautiful capital. If you have questions or want to book a wedding photographer, don’t hesitate to reach out! For more hot spots check out this extensive list of top swoon-worthy venues in Sweden.


  1. Beverly Lawson says:

    My daughter lives in Stockholm and is getting married there next year. I live in the USA and ama trying to get some ideas to help her. I love your blog/website but am unable to read the links because they are in Swedish. Can they be translated to English? Thank you!

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