Mar 25, 2020

Coronavirus at Home Date Ideas

Lately, the world has come to an unprecedented halt with Covid-19 looming. That means sheltering in place and making sure to quarantine. It also means it’s much harder to make date night happen! To help you keep from going stir-crazy and still encourage your relationship I put together this list of Coronavirus at home date ideas.

Coronavirus at Home Date Ideas

My top 6 Coronavirus at home date ideas

  • Order a Cooking Box Subscription

Always wanted to learn how to cook together? Order a cooking subscription box to help! Ones like Hello Fresh or Marely Spoon can make for a fun date night! Everything you need is included in the box, including food and directions. Have fun making it and then enjoy a meal together! 

  • Create a Backyard Picnic

You may not be able to travel to your favorite restaurant or go to your favorite park. You can still enjoy the outdoors in your own backyard (or balcony). Take out a cozy blanket, your favorite bottle of wine, and some snacks to enjoy a backyard picnic. 

  • Start a Movie Marathon

This one is my personal favorite! Do you both love horror films or like for my husband and me, apocalypse movies? (isn’t that rather fitting these days, haha) Harry Potter, or even Christmas movies? Now is the perfect time to start that movie marathon that would typically take you weeks to complete. Pop some popcorn and cuddle up to your favorite flicks to make the most of your quarantine time. 

  • Break out the Board Games

Most homes have at least a board game or two sittings up high in a closet. There’s no better time than now to pull that out and have some competitive fun!

  • Walk Down Memory Lane

This one is so sweet and almost brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. So if you want something a little bit more sentimental? Pull out all your old photo albums, memory boxes, or even just your phone to scroll through your favorite memories. It’s a great way to remind yourself what you have to be thankful for. Plus, what’s really important, the people you have in your life and them staying healthy and safe!

  • At Home Spa Day

While you can’t go out to an actual spa, you can recreate one at home. Soak in a warm Epson salt bath, make your own facemask, and maybe learn how to give each other a real massage? Enjoy a romantic spa day together and relax at the same time. 

Ultimately, we all get the choice to make the most of quarantine life. I can’t encourage you enough to take this time to deepen your relationship. It will make this whole situation brighter, and at the end of it, you’ll be so thankful for the time you got together. 

Take care you all, hang in there because this too shall pass!

xo, Isabelle

Coronavirus at Home Date Ideas

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