Mar 18, 2020

Weddings & The Corona Virus | Focusing On Supporting Our Couples

Let’s keep the light on!

In the middle of all the uncertainty, the task of doing the right thing has fallen to small suppliers. Many of us are trying to help couples to navigate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Assistance and support are what we as professionals need to focus on. Serving our couples and help them in the best possible way. 

If you choose to postpone your wedding, then when to reschedule? Who knows when this epidemic will be over?

1.You can reach out to your venue and vendors and discuss the situation. Hopefully, most of them will be very empathic in times like these and try to work with you on finding a new date.

2. I fully understand the uncertainty on how to proceed and communicate with your wedding vendors when everything is SO unpredictable. That’s why I and many others want to be here and support you and offer you information and ideas on how to continue.

3. Come fall and winter, the worst part will hopefully be over, and if you push your date forward, you will still have a beautiful wedding and probably not lose any already paid money. Check with all your vendors about any rescheduling fees that might occur. Personally, I do not charge anything to changes dates caused by the Covid-19.

4. Changing the date to 2021 is probably the safest thing to do. By then, a vaccine should be in place, and I can’t even imagine a world when life doesn’t go on. It just has to.

Another alternative to cancel the wedding is to have an intimate ceremony or an elopement, but you can possibly be looking at tens of thousands wasted. But if things do get better before your wedding and you had gone through all the worry and the trouble of canceling dozens of vendors, it would be so upsetting. 

If all of the couples who had planned to get married in the next few months cancel, it could have catastrophic effects for our couples as well as wedding professionals. Small businesses and individuals mostly run this sector. Postponing, instead of canceling, would stop our income from going into freefall. 

Videographers, DJs, florists, photographers, and makeup artists rely on their bookings as their source of steady income. As the coronavirus pandemic completely changes every section of the global economy and forces millions of people around the world to alters their routines, many are also being forced to make agonizing decisions about important life events, including weddings.

Whatever you decide to do, know that I’m here to talk to, whether you are a client of mine or not. In tough times we just got to keep the light on. Need help talking over what to do? Email me!

xo, Isabelle


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