Jan 9, 2015

Visby Summer Wedding at S:t Karins Church Ruins

Visby Bröllop Högklint

S:t Karins Church Ruins Was Spot For This Summer Wedding In Visby

An amazing rustic summer wedding St Karins Church ruin Visby. One of the prettiest places in Sweden. We loved every second of shooting Johanna and Tobias’ wedding. Their laid-back attitude and fun personalities made it even better. It’s the best thing when you get the honor of documenting such a special occasion. When it’s all said and done, you want to keep them in your life forever. We are so pleased to see this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty! Read more below about good food, trust, high cliffs, and three wedding dresses.

Rustic Summer Wedding In Visby at S:t Karins Church Ruin

I love Gotland; it’s personal. I met my husband here many years ago and often visited as a child since we had relatives living here. The long white beaches, the amazing medieval city surrounded by the high wall. The never-setting sun during those June summer nights. My heart skipped a beat when Johanna inquired about our wedding photography services. So I’m thankful we got to photograph this wedding. It was one of those holy hallelujah moments, you know what I mean. It was a spiritual experience. I cried, laughed and loved. Something you want to keep in your heart forever.

Three Wedding Dresses

Ok, enough with the emotions, and let’s talk details. Johanna had three wedding dresses. Yes, three. She decided to wear her grandmother’s lace wedding dress for the ceremony. It had been a bit altered to fit, but not much, and this gorgeous lace wedding dress took a whole other meaning, of course. Her grandmother didn’t know! So when Johanna walked down the aisle, I was ready to capture the look on her face. However, it wasn’t anything dramatic, but she smiled big!
The lace wedding dress was my favorite. Or perhaps the flowy empire dress Johanna changed into for the portrait shoot. Or the fishtail dress, ok can’t seem to make up my mind. They were all gorgeous. Her dashing husband Tobias kept the same outfit all day, and he looked smashing!

The Ceremony

The ceremony in St Karin’s church ruins, in the heart of Visby, is a place I’ve often passed by on my way to something else. Situated at Stora Torget, you always see it, but I never went in before. It’s magnificent! Recently, all the church ruins opened up for weddings. Isn’t that fantastic?


The photo of the two of them on the cliff is shot at Högklint. A well-known spot to get amazing views over the shoreline. I knew it was the photo I wanted to capture. Happy they went along with my idea and ventured out on that cliff. It is high up! It turned out exactly as I had envisioned it!
Food, good food is essential, and the food at the wedding venue LEVA’s Kungslador is so good! Johanna and Tobias had cocktail hour in the apple orchard. Later all moved on up into the large barn and enjoyed an ecological buffet. Charcoal-grilled everything, all made and prepared by LEVA Kungslador. I recommend a stop here if you ever visit Visby!
I’m particularly touched by Johanna’s sweet words below, my heart melts, and my eyes tear up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From The Groom:

Johanna and I spent several months looking for a wedding venue. It was important it felt like us. One day we went out looking for a place to eat lunch. We found this lovely stone-oven-bakery and restaurant called Leva Kungslador. It didn’t look like much from the road. But when we went inside it had this rustic, artistic feeling. Combined with the most amazing food and warm feeling to it. Outside they have a relaxed garden with wildflowers, an apple orchard, and a greenhouse. No need to say we fell in love with this place!

From The Bride:

After finally finding our wedding venue the rest of the pieces fell into place. 2 Brides Photography was an obvious choice, I mean look at their work, it is stunning. And they helped us in the planning process, giving advice and recommending different people. I remembered the day Isabelle answered my email. She told me they were available, I was so happy I did a little a victory-dance!
It’s hard picking a favorite part of the wedding. It was all so wonderful! A few things stand out. The walking down the aisle with my father looking at my soon-to-be-husband. Also the music, the speeches. I will keep in my heart forever.

 Vigsel utomhus i St Karins Kyrkoruin VisbyBröllopsbukett med vilda blommorwedding ringBrud och brudgum på Gotland 2 Brides PhotographyVigsel utomhus i St Karins Kyrkoruin VisbyBröllop i Visby med bröllopsfest pa LEVA Kungslador2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-STKarinsRuin-Visby-Gotland-18Vackert dekorerad lada från bröllop på LEVA Gotland.bridal hair

The Bride & Groom Stayed At This Cute Glamping Site Before Their Wedding. It’s located just outside of Visby.

Bröllop i Visby, Kneippbyn Bröllopsinbjudningar Rosa bröllopsskor wedding invites Bride getting ready 2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-06 2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-07 Groom getting ready Groom smoking cigarGroom writing marriage vowsBride and groom getting readyGroom prepsGroom socksBride getting into her wedding dressBride in finally in her lace wedding dressbridesmaids dresses2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-19Bröllop i St Karins ruin Visby2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-202BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-212BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-222BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-232BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-25black and white photo of the brideLeva Kungslador bröllop2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-292BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-302BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-322BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-342BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-352BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-362BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-372BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-38Bröllop och fest på Leva Kungslador2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-40bröllopsdukning inne i ladan på LEVA2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-422BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-43brudparet på festen2BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-452BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-462BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-472BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-482BridesPhotography-Bröllop-Visby-LevaKungslador-49

 Featured on Style Me Pretty Destination Gotland Wedding

Wedding Gotland and St Karin's Church Ruin featured on Style Me Pretty

For more details and vendor links from this wedding, please visit the feature on Style Me Pretty!


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