Wedding Day Tip For Bridesmaids For Better Photos


Wedding day tip for bridesmaids for better photos is always plenty of time. Allow more time than you actually think you need to get ready for photos. Especially if you are a large group. One thing I’ve learned is that hair and makeup often runs late. Instead of feeling rushed and be able to enjoy the morning of the wedding you need a lot of time. Like, A LOT!

I encourage my brides and her bridesmaids to prepare hair and makeup in a spacious well lit room with loads of window light. Natural light is not only the best type of light for bridesmaids photos but also for applying makeup.

Make sure the bridesmaids’ squad is completely ready before the bride gets into her dress. You don’t want to be helping the bride wearing sweatpants and no makeup, and you certainly don’t want to look like that in your bridesmaids’ photos.

Another of my best wedding day tip for bridesmaids for better photos is also to book professional makeup and hair. Instead of doing it yourself or have a friend do it. It will make a world of difference in your photos.

Bridesmaids photos are a blast and to make it even more fun pop the champagne, make a toast and put on that favorite playlist to get the party started. Photos of cheerful bridesmaids, looking fantastic is the goal!

Reapply makeup after the ceremony if your bridesmaids’ photos haven’t been taken earlier in the day. A touch of lip gloss and mattifying paper is usually all you need to look fab in your close-ups.

Bring Kleenex for those happy tears!

xo, Isabelle

Wedding Day Tip For Bridesmaids For Better Photos

Wedding Day Tip For Bridesmaids For Better Photos

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