20 Things you probably don’t know about me


Here are a few things you probably don’t know about me:
  1. I’m a twin! My amazing twin sister lives in Germany and she’s one hell of a DJ.
  2. I was adopted by my parents when I was 5 years old, but they picked me up from an orphanage when I was only 6 months old
  3. If I order anything with my espresso at my local cafe, it’ll always be biscotti
  4. My favorite red wine is Bonanza but I rarely drink it because red wine is like taking a sleeping pill to me, one glass and I’m out
  5. I was a horse fanatic growing up. I spent every free minute in the stable
  6. I first studied religion, then worked at a tattoo parlor before I switched to photography
  7. My creative brain comes up with the best ideas in the middle of the night, keeping me up really late most of the time
  8. I’m cool with that I never really conformed to how things are “supposed” to be, following routines and things. I’m a free spirit in both heart, soul and mind
  9. I am stubborn. I will work at something I believe in a thousand times over and hardly ever will I throw in the towel and give up
  10. I never thought I wanted children until we were pregnant (not planned). Our  awesome boys are the best I created in this life
  11. Date nights are very important to me and I try to schedule at least 1 per week with my husband, Daniel
  12. I have photographed close to 300 weddings but I didn’t have a photographer at my own wedding (crazy, I know!)
  13. I dislike and will always avoid people that are afraid of conflict and don’t speak their minds
  14. I would be perfectly content with eating Mecixan food for every meal
  15. I decided to have a c-section with our first son Aaron and was super afraid of giving birth. When it was time I gave birth naturally, no anesthetic or anything and he was out in 3  1/2 quick hrs. (I even drove to the hospital myself after the water broke) Those 3 1/2 hours are the proudest hours I have ever spent on this earth
  16. My parents took me camping every summer when I was growing up. Today I’d never ever go camping, much rather be by a pool reading a good book sipping an ice cold glass Riesling
  17. Until a few years ago I had a major fear of speaking in public – and now I can’t wait to do it again. My next speaking engagement and workshop is in Ostuni, Italy next month!
  18. I was a professional retoucher at a large commercial photo studio here in Stockholm for almost 6 years
  19. I can’t function without caffeine. Give me espresso, cappuccino or instant coffee, as long as it’s the real deal
  20. I hate early mornings. I’m always so slow and tired no matter how early I go to bed. Sleep-ins with a lazy breakfast are  my favorite things in the world

Throwing in a recent photo for good measure, I am, after all a wedding photographer!

xo, Isabelle

Isabelle Hesselberg / 2 Brides Photography 2018 / Ruin Retreat, Nacka

To see examples of recent work you could go look at these weddings that I photographed during 2018

A Greek Destination wedding

A castle garden wedding in Stockholm

Winter wedding in Sweden


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