Jul 11, 2020

Stockholm Photographer | Lisa & Gustav, Waldemarsudde

I’m a Stockholm photographer who often travels all over for sessions, so to have a couple travel all the way to me is always is so special. Picture this. The warm glow of the sunset beamed down on Lisa and Gustav as he pulled her close. His hands wrapped around her waist and she melted into him. They breathed each other in as they soaked in the moment together. We had waited so long for this, their engagement photos.

Every second of their session felt like a joyful celebration of their relationship and how far they’ve come as a couple.

It was amazing to watch them together. Every little interaction between them was laced with so much love and excitement. From the way he looks at her with so much pride and care to how she dotes on him it was truly magical to witness. They’re clearly made for one another! Plus, they look amazing in front of the camera. It’s like the two of them were made for this! Any Stockholm photographer would have enjoyed capturing these two, I’m sure.

Stockholm photographerStockholm photographer Stockholm photographer Stockholm photographer


They trusted me with their session from the locations to the timing and it paid off! Sunset photos are always the best for pictures since the light is extra soft and glowy. For Lisa and Gustav, it was like the city was showing off just for them! The glow we got for pictures was unreal! As a born and bred Stockholm photographer, I truly enjoy it when my town serves as a beautiful backdrop for people in love.

Their intimate wedding day next year is definitely going to be something special. It won’t take place in Sweden, that much I can tell you. But no matter where they start married life together, it’ll be beautiful. I just can’t wait for the two of them to finally become husband and wife. They’re going to have the most amazing lives together!

I am a Stockholm photographer who effortlessly guides my clients through each individual shoot, whether it is a wedding or engagement session. Working to portray the unique relationship between lovers and the connection between families. Capturing those secret, fleeting smiles, eyes meeting and hands touching.

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    Väldgt fint!

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