May 5, 2020

Finding Joy In Wedding Planning After You Postpone Your Wedding

How to find joy in wedding planning again after you have postponed your wedding? It’s kinda tough having your big day postponed, I know. All the efforts on planning, preparation, and anticipation wasted just like that. No more “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the girls—no pics for the Gram. 

Then there is this disappointment and weight of pain that won’t go away even with all the reassurances. It’s challenging to let go of all the emotional investment. It’s okay. It ‘normal. But you know what isn’t healthy, entering into depression because you had to postpone your wedding, although it’s okay to have a short period of the blues. We understand that it’s a big disappointment, but you know what? It’s not the end of the world. That said, finding the joy in planning another wedding is easier than you ever would think. Go on to read more about how!

Finding Joy In Wedding Planning After You Postpone Your Wedding

How to Find The Joy In Wedding Planning Again

  • Take a Break From Planning: Try to take a break from wedding planning for a while. Pamper yourself. Spend more time doing things that will make you feel better. It could be music, exercise, or just binge-watching movies. Perhaps now is the time to find that DIY project that you abandoned. Give yourself a holiday away from the stress of wedding planning.
  • Face Your Feelings Head-On: There are going to be a lot of negative feelings. It’s okay; what matters is how you handle these feelings. Ignoring or suppressing feelings of disappointment, despair, and frustration are harmful to your health. So it is better that you face them, acknowledge that these negative feelings exist before they lead to mild depression. 
  • Look To The Future: It’s just a delay in plans. Look inwards and find things to be thankful for. Gratitude has a way of uplifting the spirit and putting things in perspective. Please focus on the good things about the postponement. It is not the end of the world; after all, you will still get married to the love of your life. That’s the most fundamental thing. Your life together is beautiful, as is your unique love. So keep that in mind while you start making new wedding plans.
  • Make New Plans: Accept the changes and appreciate the fact that the wedding will hold in the future. Start looking forward to a new date. Revisit your old plans if you have them written down somewhere. Take time to review what you want for your significant. Speak about the likely new date with your fiancé, book an event planner, and start planning towards your new date. Never allow the postponement to affect your new wedding plans.

Finding Joy In Wedding Planning After You Postpone Your Wedding


 Finally, yes, a wedding postponement is quite overwhelming—lots of money spent and plans put on hold, and the emotional trauma that comes with it. If you feel distraught, it is totally understandable. I feel you! However, taking a tip or two from what you just read can help you find joy in planning your wedding again after the initial postponement and ensure that your big celebration is really memorable.

We both know your wedding will be truly unforgettable and a statement of your love.

Happy planning!

xo, Isabelle

Finding Joy In Wedding Planning After You Postpone Your Wedding

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