Dec 5, 2019

Royal Looking Wedding Uppsala Domkyrka | Shirin & Alex

Shirin and Alex’s royal looking wedding in Uppsala Domkyrka is nothing but a stunner! But first, let me tell you a little bit about this couple that never runs out of things to talk about.

The bride and groom are walking down the isle and you can see the full grandeur of Uppsala Domkyrka.

Uppsala Cathedral in history

Uppsala Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the Nordic region. The church began to be built around 1270 and was inaugurated in 1435 but the towers were erected later in the 1400 century. Several famous characters in Swedish history are buried in the cathedral. The kings Gustav Vasa and Johan III and their queens are some of them.

Our couple

They met in law school a little over three years ago and their worlds collided! Shirin loves that Alex always has something interesting to tell her about. That he is so calm, kind, generous and supportive. She also goes on to explain that he’s very smart. “Although Alex has achieved a lot in his life already, he’s still very kind to people around him who are less fortunate and from a different background.” I mean, who wouldn’t love that!!

A few sentences aren’t enough to describe Shirin, according to Alex. But he loves Shirin’s intellect.  He also says that she is smarter than him and that they can talk about anything in a meaningful way. 

Words From The Groom

Alex continues: “Her insight into any issue is always razor-sharp, and usually right. I love that Shirin makes me aspire to be my best self in everything I do. Every day I wake up and want to show her that she inspires me to work hard at building our life together. I love Shirin because she is patient (especially with me), and kind, and thoughtful. Shirin cares deeply about the people who are part of her life. She shows them that she cares through her words and actions, and she does everything she can to support them.  I love that family is the most important thing to her.  I’m so proud of the family we are building together.  I love it when Shirin really smiles. She is always beautiful, but she makes everyone around her feel beautiful when she shares her happiness with them. She is the most generous, caring, and honest person I will ever know.  So I’m marrying her because I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

Please join me for this royal looking wedding in Uppsala Domkyrka. If you are curious to learn who designed Shinrin’s grand wedding dress, scroll down to the end!

Wedding in Uppsala Domkyrka


Videography: Himla Foto | Gown: Fadi El Khoury | Florist: Skillad Floral Design | Venue: Linneaum, Botaniska Trädgården Uppsala



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